Holiday in dohral (yes I changed the name)

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Post  Elgate on Mon Aug 04, 2014 7:13 am

By the way, there does seem to be mention of IG festivals that already exist like the:

First moon """
Eldermoon Festival
Lastmoon Festival
Lost Moon Festival
Planter's Moon
Harvest moon ""
Spring moon ""

midsummer eve ""
Summer Meet Festival
Annual Merchantile Ball...

And things like Hadabartha has a 'Decannual Mendokennai Arcanum Fair"
(Decannual I'm presuming means every ten years, and Mendokennai is a place in the Aceria world)

Talked to ODA:
The 'moon festivals' happen about 8 times a year. (Although rumours seem to imply they're not always guaranteed and sometimes the city cannot host them that year- for unexplained reasons. Also, rumours may not always be true).
The Arcanum fair is "A place - an event, held at intervals by a rich noble to encourage great mages the world over to compete for prizes and show their finest works."
So its possible for DMs to build  upon.

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Holiday in dohral (yes I changed the name) - Page 2 Empty Re: Holiday in dohral (yes I changed the name)

Post  Animayhem on Mon Aug 04, 2014 8:38 am

Instead of actual days, why not a whole month. That way people can enjoy and not miss.

An Example: Spring is March 21 in rl so maybe if that is simular in game have the festival run from mar 1-31st rl.

Another drawback I see is with server resets as they undo any set ups.

Another possible idea is maybe have festivals spread out and posted ahead of time like on a friday eve which could accomodate most time zone. So during one month every friday or maybe two out of the four could be that festival allowing more to feel included.
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