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Ongoings in Valerions Tower

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Ongoings in Valerions Tower Empty Ongoings in Valerions Tower

Post  Valerion Thu Jan 09, 2014 10:20 am

It was a starlight full moon night, as always the surrounding woods were filled with the howls of the packs of Wurek and other creatures that have joined Valerion in his Enclave.
Sitting in his favourite study he smiles and looks outside of a window, the past days he has spent bringing together brackets of stories, clues, knowledge, so future generations may know when he is no longer there, a smile crosses his pale lips as he once again takes the quill into his hand and begins to write.
He could use his magic, but being a tradionalist, and knowing how his mentor would scold him if he did not...his mentor.... that vanished without a trace these few years ago....or were it old was Valerion...around fifty it should be, he lost count.
Time in the abyss flows in a different way and he had no head for counting, mostly he was either too weak to care, or busy doing he would not be tortured again so soon.
His mentor Meldramin, Valerions eyes slightly tear up at the thought before he wipes it away, and instead replaces the teary eyes with a wicked smile, turning his thoughts towards the things he has found out.

Small note after note the page fills, his eyes flick upon the page several times, making invisible lines between them, marking them in his mind, and as he has finished writing, something weird happens...with a wave of his hand he dismisses the servant that was observing him and waiting for orders, being the soulless and mindless being he does not question it, but anyone else who even slightly knew Valerion, knew that this was no good sign.
His smile froze, his eyes stuck to one long sentence he formed in his mind, and for a moment his eyes widen and his smile drops down to form a thin line with his lips, a mix of curiousity ...and unspeakable fear crosses through his eyes as he slowly, shocked by his observation closed the book, sealed it and put it back into the shelf.

*Silently, standing in front of his mirror, a very simple plain mirror, but without an actual mirror but a disc of amnethyst, staring into the deep dark purple of the mirror, held by a construct of demon bones, he whispers to himself*

"...and I am both terrified, and reassured...Greed" *he whispers as his familiar comes to his side, with a worrying look for he knew what his master saw and thought* " the scouts...and the council...this is important..."
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