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The lone wolf of the west road

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The lone wolf of the west road Empty The lone wolf of the west road

Post  Hacatsu Fri Jan 24, 2014 11:01 pm

How long has it been? Since this... curse, disease, lycantropy, whatever they call this, I like to call it... chance. I still have the scar of the bite, the scar of the day that Arnan - don't know if this was his name - bit me, the day that he gave me this chance... but why? It all happened at the college, the werewolf suddenly got in the second floor, at the enchantment room, -- how the heck the security of the city let that happen is unkown --  it was like, he was looking for me, he lured me out of the college, and there we fought, useless were my strikes, the first blow was healed faster then I could think in throwing the second, the very memory of that battle makes me want to go at his den and challenge him once again... but what good would it do? None at all, there's no reason why he would fight me again, but at least I should ask him, what was he doing at the college that day? Why did he gave me the lycantropy?

I ignored these questions for a long time, just as I did to Dohral, I don't even know how long has it been since I was in that city anymore, maybe that time when we needed to go to that island, Vestalla I guess...  investigate some murder, humph, that's ridiculous, I'm no guard, I hold no responsibility over the lives of those who wish to hide under the shadows of great walls, like that made them feel any more secure... this Hidden Grotto is my home, the wild is my city, and the trees are my walls...

When I first got to the wilds, not far from Tivook, that's where I first changed, I felt hunger, rage and fear while my bones crackled, grew and strengtened... poor was the very first deer that witnesses it... what remained from it was on the ground, on the trees, on the grass and in my... fur. And there were one more witness, I could sense his smell... the wizard, he was there and observed everything, studying, maybe even fascinated for seeing how brutal and mindless is the first transformation of a newborn lycan... for a moment I regained my conciousness and talked to him, he mentioned some place where I could find some others of... my kind... I don't remember much after that, only that I mentioned pissing in his tower and marking it as my territory, heh, wizards don't take kindly for that kind of taunts... I only remember being beated up my some sort of weird creature that he summoned...

Aria was there... and, Grace, and... the Void? Crap, my memory is all messed up... maybe I drunk too much of that Tivook Red, heh... I know that I was accepted by Arnan, Arnon... the lycan leader, whatever... in his pack... but I don't remember the last time I was there either, with the pack. I stayed there for some minutes, got a image of what the place looked like, it's smell... and then, I was gone, I kind of didn't feel at home. Moments later I was vaguing near the Tivook Inn, I was going to get in and drink some of that nice wine, but I was in a bloody mess, literally, I was stinking of sweat, deer's blood, MY own blood, and dog's smell, so I just kept going. I was exausted, I just needed a place to rest, I headed west to Humfoo and fought some goblins... great, one more blood in my clothes, one more stench to wear off in time. I killed and ate some stupid deers that were near there... it wasn't my fault that they were such an easy prey! One of them headed to this place, the hidden groto... and so I call this place home since then... my den... it's quiet, calm, I can be alone here... that's all I needed...

I was once Jax the Weapon Master... then I became Jax the Silverfang... humph... meanlingless titles self-imposted to feed an ego that I didn't have... now I'm just... Jax... the... Jax the... *looks around in his den, deer's carcasses, some goblins cadavers that deared entering his den and Tivook Red's empty bottles lays around...* the lone wolf who lives in a bloody mess...

//OOC: Heh, this little story was inspired by some of Vindsalur's, Elgate's and Absol13's IC tales... it's my first post of this kind so... give me some feedback and tell me what you think  Razz  , sorry for any grammatical errors that you may have found, not my native language y'know XD
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