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State of the Server - Address

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State of the Server - Address Empty State of the Server - Address

My fellow RP fans - the state of the server is sound.

As of today, the SERVERVAULT stands at 1275 individual accounts/folders, growth continues at a good pace (average in excess of 50 new PLAYERS each month). THANK YOU FOR VISITING - we do hope you will make many return visits (as do better than half of our new PLAYERS each month).

The server continues to evolve - features are added, bugs resolved, progress overall continues at a good pace. As always, if you should find some problem with a script or system here, please post the BUG REPORT in the forum for these, your reports HERE especially help us most quickly deal with any issues discovered by you helpful PLAYERS.

WE ARE ADDING NEW DMS! Come join the ranks of our fine DM TEAM. We have the finest tools around and if you are a DM you owe it to yourself and your campaigns to have a look at what we offer here.

Recent UPDATE notes include:

Individual spells can be disabled, anywhere.
Map Pin Saving
Animal Convo works for DRUIDS.
Cannot EAT or DRINK if wearing helmet.
Research desk debug enhancements.
Scrying list resets.
ZOMBIE WALK error fixed.
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