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An apology

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An apology Empty An apology

Post  Valerion Wed Feb 12, 2014 5:29 pm

I wanted to apologize to you Perrin, although I was not wrong to argue, or bargain, and you perhaps not right to withhold me options I saw withheld from me in my eyes, the tone I used was wrong.

I should have discussed with you calm, and reasonable, not like ranting like some halfwit that did not get what he wanted.

And for being so rude and extremely impolite (although hopefully not insulting) to you I want to apologize, I hold no grudge against you, and to be honest, at the moment I am someone who easily goes through the roof, because of things which he would otherwise not even shrug about due to RL troubles, but that is no excuse or validation for my behaviour towards you.

My life is like a ship on high sea at the moment, but it seems the ride slowly comes to calmer waters, and with calmer waters come calmer minds that recognize what the rest has done wrong while it was distracted with holding on for dear life.
The main troubles slowly and because of a friend, clearly to an end and with such my phase of irrational ranting, tendency to a bipolar disorderly behaviour.

Still, it is no excuse for me to have been so rude, crude, angry and direct towards you, or any other I may have offended with such behaviour over the last couple of weeks, for that I beg your, Perrins and any others forgiveness and can only hope you accept my apology.

After all, we are here to have fun and if not friends, at least be friendly players to each other.
Be well everyone, game on, and have fun!

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An apology Empty Re: An apology

Post  DM Althaless Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:26 am

Val ill apologize to you for letting it get to the point where it all came to this. Shouldn't be any need for it and we should be able to discuss things like adults. We both had a different view on what was going on and its a simple misunderstanding, Apologies to you also. I sincerely hope you find those calmer waters and your life falls into place. But for now we can always escape it and have some good RP sessions IG. Good luck friend, And thank you for the thread.

A note on this: To any player, I would much rather you be straight forward with me as Val has done. If you disagree with me on certain events or RP then let me know and we can work together and solve whatever it may be. Just keep in mind that a DM's word is final in the majority of instances, There may be other things going on that you do not realise Wink !!

See you in-game soon!

Role-playing isn't storytelling. If the dungeon master is directing it, it's not a game.
~ Gary Gygax.
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