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Hunters and mercenaries step forward.

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Hunters and mercenaries step forward. Empty Hunters and mercenaries step forward.

Post  Hacatsu Wed Apr 09, 2014 11:13 am

The rumours of the white wolf's increased, and gone wide-spread, hunters and mercenaries alike, gone to arms, *rolls eyes* Like this wasn't expected...

It is unknown when they'll find the beast's den, the white wolf isn't very cautious, the way it doesn't mind hinding its tracks (it looks like stealthly isn't the beast specialty), it won't be long to find its den. So far, the only thing they know, it is somewhere near the road that goes between Humfoodale and Tivook crossings.

Still, the beast wasn't found yet, even with its tracks so easily found, what's making it so difficult? Simple, the beast's smart, it wanders in rough lands, creating plenty of routes. Its tracks continues for miles, not a sight of the white wolf stopping to rest, so one can assume the beast doesn't get tired easily.

It comes from one way, then vanishes into another, its tracks are a mess, end up in rivers, rought forest trails, making some hunters call off their hunt. Some hunters are starting to use some more drastic approaches, setting traps and trying to ambush the beast, they weren't sucessuful, the only thing they got was an enraged beast with a terrifying howl. Luckly, noone was able to enrage the white wolf to a point where it would kill a person... Altough some did enraged it enought to receive a black eye to remember him not to try and touch the beast's white fur... with a bladed weapon.

WARNING, any hunters that might try to find the white wolf, beware: It would seem the beast takes great pride from its white fur! Don't touch the fur! You don't want to get hurt!

HINTS, to know of the nearby presense of the white wolf: deer carcasses, goblins carcasses, bandits carcasses, hobgoblins carcasses, troglodytes carcasses, white fur, and big wolf-like footprints.

It is sure that this beast is a werewolf, why it aims only for goblins, bandits and others evil creatures? *shrugs* It is unlikely to be benevolent, it is probaly just protecting its territory, it doesn't mind for caravans and travelers that pass throught the roads, after all, they're just 'passing throught'. Adventurers that stopped by the road to make a quick rest before their travel, tried hunting nearby animals for dinner, *shakes head* The werewolf doesn't like competition in its territory, needless to say the beast's howl served enough to warn these travelers to move onwards or face the beast (so far, no one was fool enough to choose the second option, its a dead wish to face a werewolf alone).
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