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Particular meeting

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Particular meeting Empty Particular meeting

Post  Hacatsu Wed Apr 09, 2014 6:41 pm

"He is the one that's considered the wisest of local druids? The leader? He is the one that was supposed to keep watch over these troubled lands? I can't believe such human is charged with this duty. He's more worried with filling his stomach than protecting the land..." - The dwarf thinks to himself, mumbling, growling to think that the local druids are so negligencial to their duty. The dwarf tries to remain neutral, and not to jump to conclusions, but so far, he isn't able to have an good perspective of the druidic circle, its ways, and neither the Old Bear.

He made a bargain with the Old Bear, bring the Old Bear one hundred honeycombs, and the dwarf's questions shall be answered. The wisdom of the days of old shall be revealed. Everything that the druid needs to know... For now.

The dwarf stops for a moment, atop a cliff, with his faithfull animal companion, and looks over the woodlands, the trees' leaves sparkle with the moonlight, after a heavy sight, the druid speaks, patting his animal companion head: "I cannot count with Grace, if she thinks of me as a child, it can't be reasonable with" - It stops for a moment, and says under his breath "So be it", then looks at his animal companion - "I guess you're the only one that shares my vision are you not, Arvane? Well, I know that still doesn't make it right, but we have to try." The dwarf commands his companion to look over that area, then shifts into an owl, and flies away to search in the wilds.

"This seems pointless, why must I lose my time in this kind of errand?... He said that "The evil hides in the land, and it may yet move against you..." Yes, very likely, wandering in these woodlands carrying this amount of honeycombs, I'm sure some creatures might be lured by the scent of it." *sighs* "Well, there is evil lurking in the shadows, I'm sure of it... but move against me? I don't think so." After reaching Tivook's west road (the place he's most familiar with), he shifts into a panther, and by sneaking in the shadows, and with a good nose, he starts his search over the honeycombs that are worth ages of lore...
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