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A vision or a nightmare

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A vision or a nightmare Empty A vision or a nightmare

Post  LadyAloura Sat Apr 12, 2014 2:13 pm

*Lia was seen carried into the inn by a group bleeding and was seem left for dead on the road where they found her near the Eastern Citadel. Etrianna working on her wounds manged to help Lia. As she laid unconscious she begins to stir as if dreaming or seeing something happening with in her mind.She wakes up confuse as she looks around seeing the inn and her bandaged up. As she gets up she heads to the door and talks to the inn keeper.She mentions that she saw Eastern citidel on fire and being attacked by a horde. The inn keeper mention that it was all true but was not sure how she would know being unconscious on the road and left for dead. So she went to talk to etri about somethings. She had asked Etri if she knew anything that was able to speak to someone in there mind and go through there memories with out even being any where near them. She said she wasn't sure so Lia started to talk about the vision she had where she was watching. *

"   The entire Eastern Citidel in flames, mother  flee with  thier children as fathers hold off the hordes that assult the city. Your vision then swings to the bank. you see a team of gaints holding off the guards  as a group of goblins storm out of the bank holding a large chest beween them all, a deep red  glow radiates from the cracks between the planking, and you can't help but feel satisfied watching tote it away.   "

*As she talk to Etri you can see the  confusion in her eyes and hear it in her voice as she talks about the vision. *

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