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Esgorth Wilds - Eastern Citadel Adventure AAR

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Esgorth Wilds - Eastern Citadel Adventure AAR Empty Esgorth Wilds - Eastern Citadel Adventure AAR

Post  DM_Dekkar Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:22 am


As soon as the early-sunrise began to set it's way towards the skies of the world, a loud and irrefutable roar could be heard on the eastern roads near Tivook. A few farm steads seemed to have caught fire with several dead or wounded. A group of adventurers heard the ruckus and set out to investigate and they involved Ander Adams, Pyila Dy'nenaden, Jax, Andross Williamson and Mialee. Upon arriving near the farmsteads on the eastern road they could see devastation was caused, although in a contained type of way as it wasn't wide spread to the other houses, it seems that whatever happened here - wasn't aimed directly at the people, but was a result of something else. A few scared townspeople lay hiding near the barn, which was untouched - their fearful eyes peering overhead as if looking for the devil himself to come down upon them. Jax had questioned the farmer on what happened, the farmer claimed to have saw two great flying lizards, one black for sure - spewing their unworldly breaths at each other and wrestling overhead - their aerial battle seemed to have taken them down somewhere far off towards the river near the Eastern Citadel. Andross Williamsons got in touch with nature, and it seems that from what the woodland creatures saw were indeed a black dragon fighting what looked to be an either bronze or brown, possibly green - given the magic of the area it is uncertain the exact color of the other involved. The Adventurers reluctantly sought out, though most of them wanted to turn back -  they thought it be Dragons then it's suicide. The source of the flying lizards and their whereabouts were never discoverd, so this issue remains unresolved unless heard otherwise.

After a time of investigating instead of Dragons, the party ran into an orc ambush as several arrows flew through the trees followed by the howl and charge of orc raiders. The Adventurers slew the ambushers, with minor injuries they healed and stead fast, noticing one of the orcs were still barely alive they bound his hands and healed him back. Jax attempted to get information on why their were orcs this far east, the Orc was mostly stubborn hardly giving information trying to escape but the orc made mention of darkskins. Pylia Dy'nenadem heard this, and happened to speak drow and spoke to the orc using the language. The orc immediately reacted, since Pylia, whom was an elf but not a drow, had her skin and face covered with a hood and shroud the orc was fooled thinking it was the 'dark skins' he spoke of. As a result the orc became more cooperative and revealed that the orcs were subjugated by the drow and were being used as military fodder for their gains. After convincing the Orc was told to lead them to the camp, so he did reluctantly stalling along the way.

After a time the party arrived to the riverbank off in the Esgorth wilds to the North West of the Eastern Citadel. The orc pointed to the other side, and as they looked on they were surprised to see around hundred tents scattered about a clearing near the forest and mountains, with a wide variety of Orcs, Ogres, goblins and a few giants could be seen as well. Goblins were seen working on what looked like siege equipment while most of the other orcs lay asleep. The party devised a plan to keep up the rouse of acting as consorts for the dark-elves and convinced the Orc whom they named Grum, to take them to the camp chief. Pylia happened to know the spell to get them all to the other side quickly and quietly and spoke it. After they were lifted to the other side of the riverbank as well as the orc grum, they proceeded to march inward further into the camp until they came across the chief of the tribe. Although suspicious the chief was convinced with the help of Grums introduction, and with a bit of intimidation on Jax's part and a few words spoken by Pylia in drow to keep up the ruse. After prodding for information it seems the warparty gathered there was for the purpose of providing a joint assault against the Eastern Citadel.( (exact details are exempt must RP in game to discover that)) The party huddled back and discussed their course of action, given the lack of equipment, training, and how generally stupid orcs are they agreed they could manage to hinder, or at least possibly put a dent in their attempts based on their combined abilities so they set a plan in motion where Jax would reveal their intentions and through intimidation try to get them to side with them. The plan may of worked, as the chief was rather surprised and intimidated for a time when they revealed they weren't drow at all. But the ogres and orcs around seemed a bit too antsy and began to attack them without warning. A small skirmish insured - but when two arrows hit the Chief in the head. Suddenly Orcs, and ogres, from all around the camp came charging down into the party. Chaos erupted as arrows began to fly, magic was cast, and swords clanked. Many of the orcs were slain with relative ease falling to the skills of the fighters involved, however once the ogres and a mountain giant made their way into the fray the party was in trouble, Ander Adams fought hard to keep his companions healed in battle and was knocked hard from behind by an ogre while attempting to heal a party member and was knocked unconscious. Jax was cutting down Orcs like it was his business, taunting them along the way as he sliced them down to size, he managed to down three ogres when he was overwhelmed by a stone giant that came charging at him from the hill and knocked him 30 feet into the air onto a rock critically wounding him. Andross Williamson fought and killed several orcs before he was stabbed multiple times by attacking orcs and was downed, and Mialee despite her great efforts and use of her magic to slay multiple orcs  and help down an ogre was brought down by the overwhelming forces of them as well - most of the party critically wounded in the battle and were knocked unconscious or lay bleeding to die. Pylia managed to hide herself with invisibility magic and began to slowly recouperate the party one by one, they continued to fight against the orcs and after the mountain giant was slain the orc raiders all tucked tail and ran.Out of 160 Orcs, 10 Ogres, and 3 giants. the remaining 60 Orcs, 4 Ogres, and 2 Giants were seen retreating through the treeline to the north west.  For an assault party it seemed relatively small given the warlike nature of orcs, the Adventurers can assume there are more orc camps in the area with several hundred more each.

The party began to recuperate tending to wounds and fighting off any stragglers, they agreed that this was a problem that needed to be solved now and not later, they decided to pursue the orcs and either finish them off - or make them come to terms with an agreement... They also sent word out to the Eastern Citadel warning them of these events.


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