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Enchantment....randomness? Empty Enchantment....randomness?

Post  Valerion Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:14 pm

Well, that was weird, first, when I did put an armor into the enchantment table today, with 5 skeleton knuckles and 4 dusty rose ioun stones, first the table vanished....and reappeared... with the item, the item got 25 negative damage resistance, and also, physical damage resistance, but not only of the kind leather armor is supposed to be, but of ALL physical armors, not expecting this due to my last dusty rose ioun stone enchantment going to AC instead of resistance, I asked a DM to let me redo it, he gave me the ingredients and the ioun stones.... I redid the whole process, and now got an armor with a + to AC due to the dusty rose ioun stones and damage resistance only to the negative energy.

I have no idea what of this is a bug, but it was awkward.
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