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Server Fee Due in November!!! Please Donate.

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Server Fee Due in November!!! Please Donate. Empty Server Fee Due in November!!! Please Donate.

Post  GM_ODA Sat Oct 18, 2014 9:37 am

Friends, please remember to get your donations in timely, the fees come due middle of November and the coffers are low low low.

Also, we need to reach a decision on what to do about the server; if we should switch IP and go with a less expensive hosting solution (from same company) or if we should steady the course. The former option means we'll loose the efficacy of a few older advertising posts that list our IP but are not editable posts, the latter means all the advertising will remain effective. *shrugs* Feedback? The new hosting option would cut costs considerably, and if initial donations allow it, could be amazingly cheap (they have a offer where we can pay down the monthly by a larger initial payment - in effect we subsidize the hardware and end up paying mostly connection/power/service costs as our monthly fees. I will research the details of the pricing and such to fill you all in more on the matter asap.


Be well. Game on.
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Server Fee Due in November!!! Please Donate. Empty Lower is better.

Post  Shar Sat Oct 18, 2014 10:27 am

Lower fees are better atm... Our old ads can be replaced or even taken down in order to insure functionality but costs cut deeply here and none of us seem quite wealthy.. Lately my own budget has been even tighter than the norm as its my first semester at a new university and i am relying on eBay sales as my primary means of income.

I know that from my perspective that the donation money wont come easy so the lower the bar the better.
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