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What if saga -- Elomir meets Jax (two of my PC's)

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What if saga -- Elomir meets Jax (two of my PC's) Empty What if saga -- Elomir meets Jax (two of my PC's)

Post  Hacatsu Wed Dec 03, 2014 2:30 pm

It was an evening, of an moonless night, trogs were crawling outside of the Tivook Inn where Jax likes to hang around sometimes, like most adventurers of those parts do. Jax is a skilled fighter, there aren't many who can go for a proper match in physical strenght, his stubborness could even allow him to ignore blows from the trogs, they couldn't hurt him, not if they couldn't land a proper blow, he swirled and swinged his halberd, like a dance of blades, upwards combos made severed body parts reach for the dark sky, then fall lifeless at the cold ground, the high reach of the halberd could slay multiple enemies at once, the blade cutting through flesh smoothly.

Elomir, sitting at the Inn at that same night, at the sound of troglodytes screeches, and the crossing of blades, he thought Dohral sent a small battalion to take care of the troublesome creatures at last.

"I should lend my help, certainly they will need someone to look over their wounds after the battle, or someone to inspire them while they fight with a echoing song... Or just a pair of two deadly katanas."

He taps the tip of the hilt of one of his sheated katanas, enchanted with elemental damage, and enhanced with magic for more sharpness.

He gets up and leaves the Inn, with him always, that vague smirk. His sly expression quickly turns into a impressed one, as he raises both eyebrows and his mouth opens, admiration and fascination, he gazes one man standing admist many troglodytes corpses, a brutal scene indeed, the man unscathed, scratches only to his cloths, blood and acid dripped from his halberd as flames elgulfs and lighten up his surroudings.

Elomir comes closer, Jax notices him and raises a brow, and warns the Elo;

"You better stay where you are... I mean, this is ugly."

Elomir just chuckles and replies, while still coming closer to the battle place;

"The sight of justice served! That is not ugly, that is delightfull to see! These creatures are a nuisanse and --" As he steps really close to it, the reek of blood, sweat and that stinky substance that the trogs exhale comes to enter through his nose, and almost hook up the bison which he had ate a few minutes ago. He stops, gives a few steps back, and glances down, now with disgust. Jax grins at him, wrapping his halberd in a special cloth, and putting it on his back, he approaches the talkative man now;

"Now you see what I meant by 'ugly'" He chuckles like someone who just finished a dayly business on a good mood, now close to Elomir, he taps his shoulder, and motions to the Inn. "Come, there's nothing to be seen here, I need a good Tivook Red now, I think one of these damned trogs' blood flew right into my mouth." He spits at the ground in front of him, and continues with a steady feet to the Inn, not waiting for Elomir's answer.

"Yes... I guess so. And it will be an honor to accompany such an outstanding warrior who single handendly dealt with the nasty trogs! The first round is on me my friend. Speaking of which, might I ask your name so in my travels I may tell the story of the terrible and frightening warrior who protects the Tivook Inn with beastly strenght and fierce?"

The flaterings just leaves Jax unconfortable, who the hell was that man? Nevertheless, limits had to be made...

"Listen blabber-mouth, I don't protect this place, I just like to come here and have a drink once in a while... However, I have a sensitive nose, so I can't satiate my thirst when I can smell such terrible stench coming from just outside my window... And about the name, call me Jax."

Elomir stops for a moment, blinks twice and realizes how pathetic he looked in the past few minutes, giving credit to someone for their deeds is one thing, worshipping them is another. He chuckles awkwardly and smiles at Jax, scratching his head he speaks again, now with a less exalted tune;

"I'm sorry Jax, I just got myself excited with such ease and calm you dealt with those little pests. Anyway, it's funny that I have never seen you here before." Jax just smirks at him, and shrugs, opening the door to the Inn.

They both reach a table near the firepit, Elomir glancing around at the patrons, his smirk now instead of vague seems suspicious, then as an idea pops to his mind, he smiles at Jax, and sits in front of him, extending his right arm, motioning to the whole Inn.

"Tell you what Jax, unlike most cowards, lazy asses and drunktards of this Inn, you are indeed a warrior of renown...
Jax rolls eyes.
"Wait for it... What I mean to tell is... I bet you could win an arm-wrestling with any moron who prides himself of being a warrior in here. I would bet all my money on it!" Elomir chuckles as he says that, already atracting the attention of a few brutes.
Jax raises an eyebrow
"Don't get any funny ideas..."

A bit too late for the demand, Elomir is already standing up, scratching his throat before speaking.

"Any of those who think they are worthy oponents may challenge the strongest man alive in Tivook! Come closer and take the challenge if you're not a coward! The prize is 100 platinuns for anyone who can win this man in an arm-wrestling! And will increase as he shows you all that there is no man in here who can match his strenght! Come, come! Challenge the one who can single handely defeat an army of troglodytes, step over a legion of goblins... And put you on the ground with a swing of his arm!

Jax just glares at him, his eyes widen up, he grinds his teeth, and punches the table, before he can say or do anything, someone slaps the back of his head, as he look over his shoulder, an half-orc stands tall, glaring him down from under his hood, he pushes Elomir aside and takes a seat in front of Jax.

"So you think you tough?! I Rognar show you who's tough! You imbecile!" The half-orc's arm already on the table, his hand in a gripping positiong, his veins seeming that will pop away.

Jax glares at the orc, and before he complains, Elomir taps the half-orcs shoulder.

"Hold your horses Rognar the hushed! Before the challenge can begin, you must place your bet! Your challenger is already betting 100 platinun pieces that he is the strongest of the region! How much is your strenght worth?!"

The half-orc growls, and reaches for his pocket, than throws over the table 2 platinum pieces. Jax looks at the half-orc unimpressed, then back at Elomir with a death-glare, Elomir just smiles back and winks.

"Hmph, 2 platinun pieces over 100? That's all you trust over your strenght?"

The half-orc doesn't seem pleased, and just growls at Jax too; "I not rich! What'd you wanted?! But if Rognar could bet, Rognar would bet his strenght to be worth 10'000 platinun pieces!"

Jax just sighs and glares at Elomir one last time, before reaching for the half-orcs hand and giving it a firm grip, a few cracks of the orc's hand can be heard when the grip is made, making his angry expressiion even more ugly is that was possible. Elomir begins to count... Many eyes already spied over all that hassle...


Bam. The orc's arm is quickly pushed at the table, with such strenght that it makes a lound noise, all eyes that were spying on the challenge now were wide open, the defeated orc just looks at Jax, with the same eyes one would look at a monster, he stands up, grabbing his arm, and mutters something before leaving the Inn.

Soon enough, other challengers appear, many wanting to make a bet, some smartasses would use magical items to enhance their strenght, but it would still not suffice, one after one, many were just thrown at the ground, others who would claim the winner as a cheater, would soon by silenced by a punch that would throw them 2 meters alway, knocked out.

Of course, it wouldn't take long before the challenge simply turned into a bar wrestle, which was quicly disposed by Etrianna's magic...

Expelled from the Inn, but a very profitable end, Elomir smiles broadly to Jax, whose just responds by punching him on the face.

"Ow... Ow... Aw, c'mon, yeah, I've put you on this mess, but after all, I kept my promise, look, I payed you a round!" He laughs as he flashes to Jax the money from the previous challenges. "I've gotta say Jax, this could be the beggining of a enriching friendship!"

Jax glares at him, then shrugs and sights, giving him an unimpressed look again.

"We'll see about that... But if you get my expelled from another Inn when I just want a drink, I'll leave you to be eaten alive by the angry mob..."
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