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Well, at least I didn't dent the fenders. LOL

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Well, at least I didn't dent the fenders. LOL Empty Well, at least I didn't dent the fenders. LOL

Post  GM_ODA Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:00 pm

As some of you may know, we have a NEW SERVER. Twisted Evil

The old server had some very long, specific commands that allowed me to do things on the server. I'd pretty well memorized them for the old server, we'd been there that long.

Last night I triggered the auto-restart of the module from inside the module. Only to discover it hung on the process. Normally I would just login and start it manually but, new server.

Here we are on the new server, and, well, I realized I was missing some of these command equivalents on the new server. To be honest, I was looking for 'very long' command line things in my notes and *blushes* silly me, I had forgotten my favorite genius had helped me make something of a shortcut for what amounts to portions of that very long command. It is quite likely I skimmed right past the very short NEW version of the command in my searching for the very long command I thought I'd find. LOL.

I feel a bit silly, yeah, the command I thought was a long one was simplified with the advent of the new server and Erin's helpful effort at making this more manageable for me - alas, now my notes are sorted out better, and I have committed to memory the new blessedly short commands for my managing the server.

If you were the nice new PLAYER we were about to give a tour of the tutorial area, my sincere apologies for my bobbling the controls. I'm usually much more proficient with the server commands. This won't happen again. *blushes* I owe you a personal tour of the tutorial, redeem the offer at your convenience. I hope to see you on the server. Very Happy

Be well. Game on.
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