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Dorhal City Guard: Nifty things.

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Dorhal City Guard: Nifty things. Empty Dorhal City Guard: Nifty things.

Post  Absol 13 Sat Feb 14, 2015 6:35 am

So things that'd be nice and such
  • add lesser clerics at the temple of Finshi, so a guard who is a Paladin can also enlist some of those to patrol the city by night
    need a way to mark Pc's who are guards or an armor, or something (So NCP city guards reply diffrently and stuff.)~ This can be done by marking or runestone somehow? Or Certain armor, But i'm leaning more towards marking them.
    spawn particular NPCs only when a guard member is in an area(as in a thief, mugger, can also use this to do events.~Pc Guard enters area, NCP guard runs past and shout, that they need backup- there's a mugging (or something like that)
    NPC city guard patrols

Anyone else got ideas?
I'll add more as I get more ideas.
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