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Zaiah Demarque

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Zaiah Demarque Empty Zaiah Demarque

Post  eve_of_disaster Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:08 am

The Demarque family has been at the top of the trading-game in Dohral for the last fifty years, though the family traces ancestry further back than that. Originally from a gypsie background the family has made certain that these roots are not known past their own bookshelves. Today the family name is well known in trading circles, especially in Dohral. The House is based in Dohral proper with properties in, among other locations, the Bolovin Port. Currently the house is ruled by Arnesh Demarque, Zaiah's father. With only one older sibling, Timo Demarque, Zaiah would be second in line to inherit the business. Around thirty years ago the family, during it's most influential rise, secured a noble seat in the courts of Dohral, by marriage to the late mother of Zaiah.

Zaiah and her mother, Lisabeth had one of those specially close relationships. The father's concern went into business and schooling the young Timo, while the women were left to tend to themselves. To Zaiah, Lisabeth were not just her mother, but also her friend. When Zaiah during her youth showed gifts in the arcane, Lisabeth established a connection with a sorcerer who would school the child. Her father remained blissfully oblivious to these teachings. Lisabeth died when Zaiah were twentytwo, which immediatly sparked her father's campaign to find her a sutor - another marriage of convenience to fill the coffers of the family business or establish a wider array of connections. Zaiah realised that the only thing protecting her from this fate had been her mother. She started to scheme relentlessly to thwart her fathers plans, using servants to spy upon him and using her magic skills to better hide her dealings and even went as far as "accidental murder" (her own words) on one occasion. Currently however, Zaiah has been allowed some respite from everything due to the recently developed relationship between her father, Arnesh Demarque and a middleclass woman. However glad Zaiah is of the ceasing of the marriageproposals arranged by her father, she hates the skank. The last of her respect of her father faltered as the man took a simple commoner under his wing. And since Zaiah remains noble by blood she is beginning to more and more loath her family and regard them more as frauds and simpletons.

Appearance: Her beauty could rival a goddess and is sure to make any man turn their head. She dresses according to her station but prefer black linen or silk dresses, showing much of her pale supple skin - honed through milk baths. Deep red is also a favourite and she often is seen wearing expensive jewellery. She is very graceful, carrying her head high and smiling politely and often suggestively to men - at least if she regards them as wealthy/prominent and attractive (or extremely wealthy or prominent). Her tongue has often gotten her into trouble with her family and older brother as she has a tendency to lash out with acidic remarks or burning sarcasm.
Her raven black hair comes from her fathers side of the family, and although she loaths any resemblance to him she does like how it makes her appear and stand out, especially coupled with voluptuous and finely designed dresses.

Since she was little she's been able to summon a small Ice Mephit who she's named Faust. She has mostly treated the little creature as more of a pet than a companion however and Faust in turn regards her in a submissive love-hate manner. No wonder, since most of her spells at least once has found a home on the poor creature's body, sending him back to wherever dimension he was summoned from - either caused experimentally or by frustratingly lashing out at whatever living thing remained near. The pain from losing the familiar back to it's homeplane would always calm, aswell as spur her.

Class: Sorceress/Blackguard/rogue
Level: Currently 34
Age: 27
Alignment: Subtle evil

Zaiah should be in her late thirties by now but she retains an ageless beauty. As a sorceress she has become without an equal, as an enchanter she is hard matched. Despite not being a mage she enjoys the study of the arcane. She wishes to better her understanding about everything around her. Knowledge is power and while she realises she can never know everything she sees the benefits of gathering at least knowledge of the regions around her. Zaiah is all about rationalism and realistic reasoning. While she is not atheistic (who can be in this world?) she refuses to succumb to worship. Zaiah believes strongly that all the gods were men and women at some point or at least being of less power than they are now, and so should be respected for what they are. Though as powerful as they are living, thinking beings should not subject themselves to being ruled by something out of this world. Zaiah believes in personal strength and transgressing from ones stature. Whatever fate one was born into, what truly defines a person is their will to better themselves and their stature. Zaiah respects all that can do this and loathes those that will not at least strive for betterment. Personality-wise she is far from the same person she was at 27. Having been infected with vampirism by Maria she found herself becoming the servant of a near godlike creature. She tried to retain her individuality throughout being the subject of the vampire queen and long planned the murder and subsequent dethronement of her mistress. It was not until she learned the horrible truth that the murder of her sire would result in her own death, that she wiped such things from her mind. Instead she sought the cure and for many months tried different measures. In the end she became the vassal of the newly awakened lich-king and recieved a cure finally. As the lich-kings vassal and Dominions leader, a guild which she had created to better her own and her new ally's endeavors, she turned to studies of necromancy eventually to turn herself into a half-undead - a palemaster.

Over the years Zaiah has grown estranged to what mortal coil she once possessed. She has achieved everything she strived to achieve in regards to herself and only the task of changing the world around her remains. She wishes the world to become the image of her own sense of utopia. Dominion is the key to such a victory as would be the lich-kings seat of power, his necrotic city of the dead. A free state where knowledge and power may grow unhindered by the confines mortality subjects the living to. What is undeath, if not the final evolution of humanity?

Zaiah still has a conservative outlook on the world, thinking most living beings as subjects to be governed that their abilities may best be used - for the betterment of the world through the raw power brought about by those few individuals who excel at their subjective areas. However, she also believes that anyone may join her as the elite, should they manage to transgress their birthright.

Zaiah seldom show emotion. This is because of her transformation into half-undead aswell as the time she spent as a vampire - though also alot due to her rationality. She doesn't think emotions a weakness per say but it takes alot to rock Zaiah. She is the image of an ice-queen, noble and distant. She is by all means half mortal.

Class: sorc/pm/bg
Level 40
Charisma 38
All other stats 14+
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