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Center Stage - Features of the BARD Class

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Center Stage - Features of the BARD Class Empty Center Stage - Features of the BARD Class

Post  GM_ODA Thu Feb 26, 2015 9:53 am

Let's hear it for the entertainers!

On our server we have extended the features of the bard class considerably to include the following:

Carousing - BARDS can CAROUSE or socialize with a crowd; soliciting their choice of coin or rumors from a body of persons capable of conversing. TBA

Expanded Social Skills - Bards with PERSUADE can GRIFT for money or rumors when interacting with individuals (PC or NPC), while those with INTIMIDATE can engage in EXTORTION. To utilize the features GRIFT or EXTORT, simply approach the target, use the RUNESTONE - LONG RANGE POWER to target the chosen victim, and select the desired option from the menu offered. The rest is automatic.

Bardic School Lore - Bards can call upon the lore of their college, reciting songs and stories from the repertoire of their school, and even ADD THEIR OWN SONGS AND STORIES TO THAT KNOWLEDGE BASE. This system is accessed by means of the RUNESTONE - UNIQUE POWER SELF, select SONGS AND STORIES, options include : SING A SONG, TELL A STORY, SCRIBE A SONG, SCRIBE A STORY. The main difference between the songs and stories is the former includes musical accompaniment which _may_ impact the audience appreciation in some cases, there is a separate database for songs and stories. PCs are free to add their own songs and stories to the BARDIC SCHOOL LORE - and are encouraged to do so with IC songs and stories. To perform a song or story, select either SING A SONG or TELL A STORY. Next select the specific song/story you wish to perform, and your PC will do the rest. To add a song or story of your own, simply click one of the 'scribe' options and begin inputting your song or story NOTE it is best to have the work prepared in advance to simply copy/paste the typo-free work into the system line by line.

NPC Bard system for THEATRICAL PERFORMANCES. This is demonstrated at matinée showings at the inn on the isle of Brandolay.

Bard Guild System - more details to follow.

Bard Song - requires instrument.

Be well. Game on.
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