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Blazing Trails - Ranger Features Revealed!

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Blazing Trails - Ranger Features Revealed! Empty Blazing Trails - Ranger Features Revealed!

Post  GM_ODA Sat Feb 28, 2015 8:57 am

RANGERS have long been a versatile class, but we just had to push the envelope, thus rangers here have a wealth of features not standard to NWN.

TRACKING - allows a RANGER to identify the signs of passage of a specific creature(s), to invoke this feature, simply click on any 'tracks' you find (the amount of data revealed varies by the reader), or use your RUNESTONE LONG RANGE POWER target the ground and select TRACKING ABILITY.

SCAVENGE FOR FOOD - being able to obtain food while in the wilds can make a RANGER PC very popular in the PARTY. RANGERS are excellent at tasks like fishing and hunting, but also can SCAVENGE FOR FOOD to invoke this feature, use your RUNESTONE LONG RANGE POWER target the ground and select SCAVENGE FOR FOOD.

STARTING CAMPFIRES WITHOUT GEAR - those soft civilized types have to have torches or lamp oil but not a RANGER, they can start fires with just firewood (rubs sticks together)... any RANGER can light a fire without the need of tools, just click on the unlit campfire and the menu option to light it will present itself.

FIRELESS CAMPSITES (EPIC) - high level RANGERS are able to create campsites that do not require a campfire. This can be helpful when one does not want to alert enemies of the presence of a campsite.

WILDERNESS SENSE - This feature is activated by use of your RUNESTONE LONG RANGE POWER target the ground and select WILDERNESS SENSE it yields an overview of the Area you are in, the types of creatures the PC sees signs of in the Area, and lists hidden trails too.

more to follow...

Be well. Game on.
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