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Why we're easy....

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Why we're easy.... Empty Why we're easy....

Post  GM_ODA Thu May 06, 2010 6:03 am

Just a note so we are on the same page here.

I've seen LOTS of measures to push more RP on PLAYERS, some work better than others ... some respond to a stick, some to a carrot; judicious use of both can be good, overuse or mistaking say a sledgehammer for the stick is a BAD IDEA.

I'm trying to make this server and module as accessible as can be, some steps taken to ensure this are listed below:

CEP2.1 - I had originally intended to use NO HAKS but opted for CEP back in the latter part of their 1.xx versions, ultimately I updated to 2.1 but NEVERMORE WILL I UPDATE unless things change drastically with CEP. At present anyone with cep2.1, 2.2 or 2.3 can play here.

NO FORUM POST REQUIREMENTS - I've seen servers that require potential PLAYERS to post character descriptions/proposals prior to being allowed into the game. While this _may_ get you good RPers, it will dissuade many from playing at all; if they cannot look upon the server and try it, they have ONLY posted webstuff to encourage them to 'jump that hurdle' and frankly, that does not do it in most cases. The server is RP-encouraged, if you only let hard-core RPers in, you are encouraging NOBODY, and dissuading the masses who cannot even sample it to understand it's savor.

MODEST ITEMS AND POWERS - I really do not want to see a bunch of munchkin gaming encouraged here. Keep the item powers low to mid and you'll not scare away all the noobs who come it with NOTHING. Further, keeping items and powers reasonable means there will be challenges for PCs that will make PLAYERS think and cooperate and this leads to RP.

POST POST POST - we try to post to all available forums to tell the world about this place PLEASE HELP US DO SO AS MORE VOICES ARE MORE EFFECTIVE THAN ONE.

IN GAME ASSISTANCE TO THOSE WHO ASK - we often 'hold hands' with PLAYERS in an attempt to assist them in more quickly understanding our server and finding a good fit for the PLAYERS' own ideas. It is good to be available to assist those in need, we thank all who do likewise here for our PLAYERS (PLAYERs & DMs alike).

OPEN TO FEEDBACK - we listen. We do not accept all ideas (sometimes the idea does not fit for scripting or conflicts with other things the originator of the idea was not privvy to), but we DO listen to all feedback and debate the merits with an open mind.

By making this place easy to access, and user friendly we will attract MORE PLAYERS, and in larger groups of PLAYERS you have more good PLAYERS, which will draw still more PLAYERS, and on and on.

Let's grow together!

Be well. Game on.
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