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The End-Time passes.

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The End-Time passes. Empty The End-Time passes.

Post  Absol 13 Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:01 am

Aria, has finally Vanished With her Bond and life mate-Grr'Vrnea To the Ilfaw Gnoll tribe-saying no farewells to anyone But Grace, Ne and Lia. She'd offered Vrnea Vanhalen and Vhilnya to come wither her but ultimately  leaving the choice to them-There was a time when they would need to choose for themselves.

Grimtooth-The gnoll that had been seen Around Tivook for a few years now has vanished. Some say He found his tribe and are living with them-others say He died, Defending nature and other still suggest that he'd felt somewhere else in the land needed his Protection, all that could be said for certain was that Grimtooth was gone.

Saber-The werecat Guard dog of Dorhal and Druid of the land has vanished as silent as he appeared, Probally Vanishing-apparently he went on a boat to find and island, He did offer Toman to come with him-His friend and partner, The old cat having decided that he'd had enought of Adverturing, stealing and just.. wanted to relax.

The Guards-The Captain. Died, Unable to Recover from what was ailing him, Crystal-At her wits End with The Trouble and dis-orginisation of the state of the Guards and with the death Of the captain handing on her Soul met Toman one night and kissed him, before suggesting he Quit and vanishing shortly after-some think she was taken be demons due to her.. past and connections.

The Cult that was trying to Bring Void back just vanished. People suspect that had a power struggle-whatever the case the bloody maidens vanished.

The Hunters Guild once Again becase a rag-tag Group that hunted Lycons, they did however remain true to their ideals. Only hunting and capturing bad Lycons-ones that had killed..

The Riftstone Due to Valerions dissapearence was forgotten-Powerful mages things Valerion put a warding spell on it, Making people unable to thing about it-and the To many-it was just a strange spire that appeared only on a full moon.
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