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Stealth - What is it Good For?

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Stealth - What is it Good For? Empty Stealth - What is it Good For?

Post  GM_ODA Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:01 pm

DOORS AND CHESTS, most anything you open makes noise when you do open them ... EVEN if the opener is in stealth mode. So what is stealth mode doing to help here? Nothing.

I would like to propose the following tweaks to the system for opening objects...

SOUND is only triggered if the opener is NOT in STEALTH MODE, or

if the opener is IN STEALTH MODE the object will make noise only if a MOVE SILENT check is failed. Such noises have a chance to alert an 'owner' nearby, or anyone else in earshot.

Open-friendly objects can optionally have a variable bNoisy placed on them which would be a modifier to any STEALTH attempt while opening that object.

With this and NIGHTINGALE BOARD TRIGGERS, we will have a fully skulker-friendly module!

Be well. Game on.
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