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footprints Empty footprints

Post  LadyAloura Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:04 pm

On Mialee who is a werewolf. when she is in her elven form she gives these large footprints that says a wolf has gone by

when she is in her werewolf form she leaves little wolf prints as does her little wolf form.

another thing to look as is making Dm not leave footprints unless wish for event reasons

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footprints Empty Re: footprints

Post  Eriniel Fri Aug 12, 2016 12:01 pm

Yeah there are only a few footprint Placeable appearances in CEP2.1 so it limited the visible appearance of the tracks.

The feedback from the tracks depends on the tracker's skill - something, wolf, shapeshifter wolf, if know the person enough it might identify them.

Shapechangers always leave the animal prints simply because the tracking system doesn't have to keep track of the PC's transformed state.

DMs NEVER leave tracks UNLESS they are telling the Mouse controlling the area that they are a PC. As DMs have no need for the non visible equipable items (Necklaces, rings, etc) the NECKLACE (used to be the helm but some DMs liked to customize something visible like that so moved it to something that doesn't show on the DM Avatar) tells the Mice that the DM wants to be treated as a PC, thus they enter the DM into the tracking sequence and watch them for area reset purposes.
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