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Many tasks plain out not working

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Many tasks plain out not working Empty Many tasks plain out not working

Post  Nightcaper Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:55 am

It looks like the Taskmaster and task systems might need a look taken at them. I got a person who I had to contact through Salty Sam, made contact, got a job and the person I had to go to in order to get the job done. So far so good... I go to the person and accomplish what I had to do, and I was heading back to the one who gave me the task to turn it in and receive my reward... except they have quite literally disappeared off the face of the earth. I checked back in with the Taskmaster to see if HE had my reward, but no, he did not. In fact that specific taskgiver did not show up on the list, 4 entries that were once filled with NPCs, were blanked out in a peculiar manner as if the NPCs just suddenly disappeared and their names on the list were blanked. I lost the reward for my task, which would probably keep the grocery bill under control for my non-crafter, non-fighter character (the task ironically used the talents he was meant for... persuasion). I was frustrated a little, but I tried the last task on the list, and found the person. Unlike the last person I got the task from... well, this one had no actual person and location to go to. The name was simply not there, and the location was also not there. It spoke in a sentence as if it expected there to be a name and location, but it was not provided. I finally just got off the game.

The task system needs to be taken a look at, as what I saw while trying it seemed to not be functioning correctly, and it's a shame because it has some good potential for roleplay! The issue seems to be NPCs disappearing at random that are related to these tasks, I was alone on the server so it couldn't have been that someone else did the task before me. Is there some form of cleanup script that is disposing of these NPCs? Is this purposeful? If so, is there a way to tell this script to NOT clean up the NPC if someone is currently involved in a quest for them?

I will try to provide more information as asked. My character's nature prevents most common ways of getting currency, so tasks are actually a great solution for someone like him... if they worked. Wink

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Many tasks plain out not working Empty Re: Many tasks plain out not working

Post  GM_ODA Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:28 pm

Friend Nightcaper,

My apologies to take so long in getting back to you on this. I've been testing the taskmaster system on and off for a couple months, through a couple updates and edits, and I _think_ it may be working correctly now. I'll be giving it another test this week - and will likely lengthen the timer on the quests offered to make them more reasonable to complete (some of the areas are big and you must have enough time to search out the quest participants after all).

If you can, Nightcaper or others, please give the taskmaster a try and post feedback here.

THANKS in advance.

Be well. Game on.
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