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Ithel's Dispute Mediation Services

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Ithel's Dispute Mediation Services Empty Ithel's Dispute Mediation Services

Post  Nightcaper Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:58 pm

*A piece of parchment is posted on to the outer wall of The Justice Inn*

"Fearful of walking the streets with the violence break-outs in Chonda? Made the mistake of angering someone and they won't rest until yer on a meat hook? Well don't hire some thugs yet, there may be a better way! I am Ithel, a mediator and diplomat, and I have aided in the resolution of conflicts from bar fights to family blood feuds. It is my belief that almost ANY problem you have with another sentient being can be resolved without resorting to violence or killing. I will charge a small amount for my services depending on the situation in order to keep food on the table, but I guarantee you I am much cheaper than hiring muscle or... shadier types.

The way mediation will work, is by having all parties involved in the conflict meet, with myself being there to ensure violence does not escalate. I must emphasize this point, do NOT commit any acts of violence in this mediation, I am sworn to protect all parties attacked when in mediation and I know many ways to inflict pain if I must. If all parties attack each other in mediation, the party that started the act of violence first will be punished. If all started it at the same time, all will be pacified and mediation will continue, unless at this point all parties wish to cease mediation entirely in which I will withdraw my services, and the fee will not have to be paid.

I will go through many techniques to attempt to resolve the dispute, you would be surprised how many problems may be talked out. Once the dispute is resolved to each party's acceptance, it will be made final in a legal contract upheld by Dohral law, in which an official copy will be sent to the Courthouse itself. Breaking this contract will be punished by the highest extent of city law, I take mediation very seriously.

Make the job of the city guard easier, and instead of resolving your disputes with sword and dagger, let's talk it out. If you have a dispute you want mediated, post your name (or a fake name if you wish to meet in a more anonymous manner), your location and what time you wish to meet, and we will discuss.

~ Ithel"

(( For the time part, please clarify in OOC what timezone you're in and when it'd be best, what day and such. ))

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