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PvNPC Arena - Fighting NPCs not working

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PvNPC Arena - Fighting NPCs not working Empty PvNPC Arena - Fighting NPCs not working

Post  Nightcaper Sun Aug 28, 2016 9:13 pm

I decided to give the arena a try, I chose the beginner level offered by the Arena Master. He instructed me to stand in the beam, wait for my opponent, and once he called the fight on, to engage my opponent. The issue is... well, an opponent never showed up. The option, I assume, should have given me an opponent of the level I selected, but none were available. Worse yet, I tried talking to the Arena Master about it even after exiting and re-entering the area, and he's stuck, thinking that there's a fight going on in the Arena right now (which there is not).

This arena has some good potential for newer PCs looking to get some fighting done, to do so in a somewhat safer manner. I also feel that a few practice training dummies would be fun to add, even if they grant no XP; Hitting the dummies for a while to give the illusion that your character has been training to get where he's at feels like it would work great for roleplay.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to reply, I like replies because it tells me people are reading!

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