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Enoch the Unworthy

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Enoch the Unworthy Empty Enoch the Unworthy

Post  Mizfat Sat May 22, 2010 3:37 pm

Part human, part celestial, Enoch Root was born and raised on the celestial plane of Arcadia in the town of Harmonium, a utopian society of pure blooded celestials to which Enoch felt inferior and so tried to improve himself via the rigors of monk-hood. He joined the Ilmaterian Order of the Brotherhood of the Strict Observance, but living with the even more meticulously idyllic monks only served to further accentuate his weaknesses. Eventually, Enoch requested from the head of the order that his Katra be given into the keeping of the Guardian of Eternity of the Prime Material Plane until such time that Enoch had purged his imperfections in the forge of mortal existence. Swami Seeful Ixtarii granted Enoch’s request in thanks for teaching the order humility, it having grown too proud of its record of never having an initiate fail to attain true enlightenment.

Self pity is the most arrogant sin.
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