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Werebear Children quest report

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Werebear Children quest report Empty Werebear Children quest report

Post  Elgate Mon Dec 05, 2016 11:26 am

Alright, so, a little while back I finally managed to 'finish' raising my children so I'm posting some of the data and issues noted:

  • Immortal Children

As DM Reaper and a few other players can attest to, my children (Or at least Geralt, the cub that chose to follow my PC, while his brother Dyne picked his father), appear to be completely immune to most damage, spells and other effects, except silver. (Which makes me think it's the usual lycan enemy scripts kicking in, rather than the lycan regen rules that apply to players). I'm fairly certain other lycan players (Wolves and Cats) have mentioned their children were a little more fragile than this, but Geralt never appeared to take damage even if damage was 'dealt', would 'die' only for a second before jumping back up if hit by a death spell and so on. Silver would kill him, and I would have to use the scripted method of Resurrection by giving him a soul rune.

  • Difficulties completing the 'Hunting' quest

In the final 'quest' where you need to teach your children to hunt, I had a little difficultly because I didn't realise it would require both my PC and the Father PC to be hunting together with both/all cubs. I was under the impression this quest could be done independently by each parent, because often the fathers wouldn't stick around >.>. Otherwise that quest went smoothly- you hunt dear together, the quest is complete.

  • Clingy Son and Ghost Son

However it seems Geralt is still reluctant to leave my side. He has so far always respawned when I log in, but does occasionally 'leave' by fading away randomly. I'm thinking this is scripted and intended to be him 'leaving', but it has an issue where he'll do it without warning and it leaves his portrait in my party and a note on the mini map, as if he's still there. If you hover over his portrait, it gives the area where he vanished, but allows for no other interaction. DM Reaper tried watching to see if they could spot how/where he went, but it appears Geralt simply vanishes. If someone else joins my party, his profile will turn black and his health will show as 0/0 and no other details will be given. I cannot remove this 'ghost' party member from my party. If I kick Geralt out of my party before this happens, there's no apparent issue.

  • Prodigy child

To be honest, this is more likely due to the fact I struggled to complete the hunting quest for a long time due to the player of the father PC being absent, but in case it's relevant, Geralt managed to reach level 10 (1 Animal (Starting level), 8 Druid (From watching his mother), 1 Fighter (Gained while watching his father during the hunt). He's (at the time of posting) 6189 days (18 years IG I think? 336 in a game year? about 17 RL wise), but has had those levels for a while- we used to joke he gained a level every year, because he was a level 5 druid around the age of 6 years before. I played often with Geralt in tow, and Grace being a wildling druid often shapeshifted/used spells even while not in battle. His brother, Dyne, who's father rarely came on, never went much further than level 2 I think...

  • Twitchy children

Most Lycan parents seem to report this, but the frequency that the pups/cubs/kittens emote 'Shivering', 'Looks Around', 'Rolls on the ground' and so on borders on spammy. They seem to fire every heart beat, drowning out the text. (I found that, by kicking Geralt out of my party and then animal empathy-ing him, I could keep him quiet. I'll get no awards for best mother XD ). Sometimes just ordering them to 'follow' would work as well.

I also know that we wanted to use these cubs to test to see if the Wild Mage script would work, but Geralt is Druid/Fighter and I can't really get a hold of Dyne (Who I think, with his father being a wizard) should have taken a level in a mage class (If I remember correctly, he did end up leveling into sorcerer). However, due to the pups being 'animals' their wisdom and intelligence scores are too low for them to cast spells. Dyne might have enough Charisma for sorcerer spells, but we could never get him to cast a spell to test. Of course, there's a chance he never was a wild mage, due to it being a percentage chance, but I wouldn't be able to say and can't get hold of him now the Player seems to have gone (Player: Vaxel, Character: Haven).
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