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Faith Kita (Profile) Empty Faith Kita (Profile)

Post  Angelon Sun Feb 26, 2017 9:49 pm

Full Name: Faith Yuu Kita Ji-Yeong
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 127lbs
Race: Elf (High)
Age: 131 Years
Birthplace: Northeastern Asia (Specifics Unknown)
Physical Traits: Stout, Athletic, Thin, Wirey, Rugged
Personality Traits: Hotheaded, Plain, Humorless, Extravert, Kind.
Sexual Preferance: Female
Older Siblings: Angelon Kita (124 Years); Etsuko Kita (142 Years)
Younger Siblings: Rin Kita (117 Years)
Mother: Akemi Kita (276 Years)
Father: Hedeki Ji-Yeong (294 Years)

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Female Number of posts : 5
Age : 20
Location : Unknown
Registration date : 2017-02-22

Character sheet
Character Name: Angelon Yuu Kita Ji-Yeong
Race: Elf
Overall Level: 5

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