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Lennet - The Fall

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Lennet - The Fall Empty Lennet - The Fall

Post  Endrak Wed Mar 22, 2017 6:54 pm

She never forget her first time.

Locked in an embrace, just like lovers. She'd worn nothing but a torn shift. His brigandine had scraped against her bare flesh. His own dagger had spelled the end of him. With his hands around her throat, she'd simply reached down and drawn it from its scabbard. The blood was hot, and in the moment she held firm she could almost feel his heartbeat as it pounded away, killing him faster and faster. That was all before, in Kanarsi. Before she'd hardened herself. Before she'd left the ashes of her home behind her.

She had only been ten years old.

It could not be said that the Radaczik family did not take care of their own. They never even asked their poor girl what had happened. They simply threw away her dirtied clothes, cleaned her, and sent her to bed without a word. When the body of one of Boyar Sokolov's guardsmen was found in a riverside alley, they turned a blind eye. In the night, the ignored the muffled sobs from Lennet's corner of the house. So it was that the murder was simply another blamed on the elements of Kanarsi's criminal underworld.

"But we know who really did it, don't we, my little bird?" Sergeivich's musical voice had cut through the darkness inside her. His hand rested gently on her shoulder as he smiled that roguish smile that never quite reached his eyes. "We know that no matter what anyone says, or how tight your mother holds you, you have sinned. Your soul is tainted."

In the dark, in the same alley where the incident had occurred, he spoke to her. Around them stood the other members of the Upiors, shirtless to showcase the death's head tattoos between their shoulder blades. Their backs were to her, and it felt like the ghosts of the men and women they'd killed were staring into her. Judging her.

"There is no going back. Always forward. But to go forward, you need skill and will. Skill comes later, but will... will is what you are born with." He stood to his full height and stepped slowly away, melding with the shadows as he did so. Only his eyes, motes of light lit by braziers on the street, were still visible. "If you have the will, come to the shadow. Forsake the light. And if you do, you will never fear again."

And with that, the men were gone, and Lennet was alone in the darkness.
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