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Tales of Yore

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Tales of Yore Empty Tales of Yore

Post  MrGrouch Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:41 pm

In the interest of keeping some kind of conversation going while we wait for the upgrade, does anyone have any stories from bygone days worth sharing? Epic quests, strange glitches, impromptu roleplay, etc.

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Tales of Yore Empty Re: Tales of Yore

Post  LadyAloura Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:59 pm

when i first join the server the dm decided to send spiders after me, i was plays Lia my druid and i ran into another druid grace, well we found out that what was sending the spiders was a vampire that use to be a druid and had some very twisted views. She was bitten by a spider and posion and a vampire told her that the only way to save her was to let him bite her and so she was turned and wanted me to understand her way of thinking which was crazy and so against the drudic way. Try to killed her many times we had to many battles where she either tried to change Lia or attacked her many times.

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Tales of Yore Empty Re: Tales of Yore

Post  GM_ODA Wed Jun 06, 2018 12:20 pm

There are many tales but so many are linked to game world features that our DMs might be reticent to reveal some stories; preserving the novelty of the game feature for those adventurers who personally discover it.

That said, I will tell you there are many tales of terror involving the lands north of Dohral where Wild Magic can turn even the most minor and benevolent of spells into a horror-inducing effect of widely variable scope. Many adventurers have been known to return from there in hideous zombie forms only to seek the aid of Pel Durik in North Egbort.

Some adventurers will tell you too about the Maze Madders. People who vanish for a time and return only to tell about a huge maze under the city of Dohral, but they are all delusional as every effort, even by magic, to reveal such a maze has failed. Many causes are posited in rumor, some say it is caused by the sea mist, some say it is an effect of Wild Magic on the city water supply, some say it is a curse, but none, not even the most studied wizards have with certainty revealed the nature of it all.

Many adventurers work guard duties escorting goods to or from the Eastern Citadel and Dohral where merchants who do not openly deal with one another can do so with some degree of secrecy and security. It is said not all the goods thus transported are legal in either location. The dwarves are a very secretive lot, and few of them trust humans in general, begrudgingly developing a relationship with the rare human who in some way appeals to the dwarves' better nature. Travel between the two locations is typically by way of the roadway linking them, although talk has it that some bold souls brave alternate routes at some peril.

Be well. Game on.
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Tales of Yore Empty Re: Tales of Yore

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