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Crafting bugs and results

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Crafting bugs and results Empty Crafting bugs and results

Post  Cowbot Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:50 pm

So we tested crafting! Here are my notes, sorry they are a bit messy.

150lbs of wood creates a single .5 lb wooden plank.
"shattered sickle" cannot be repaired on the anvil or interacted with.
Sickles seemingly cannot be crafted
scissors can't cut woolen cloth

Helmet + blue ioun stone should produce +wis. I succeeded but the helmet was not changed and the ioun stone vanished.

gloves of enchanting don't do anything
College bonus decreased from 20 to 12 for some reason.

DC 40 for +1 armor
DC 35 for +1 weapon
adding 1 diamond to already +1 weapon changed dc to 39 but did not produce anything - and consumed the item
adding 2 diamonds to +1 weapon caused dc 44, produced +2 weapon
Adding 3 diamonds to a +2 weapon caused an error, "these weapon have more enhancement bonuses than the maximum. You can not enhance these further."
adding 3 diamonds to a blank weapon caused the error, "please REMOVE 1 Diamond"

Adding two dusty rose ioun stones to a +1 armor had DC 54, created +2 armor
Adding 3 dusty rose ioun stones to a +2 armor had DC 68, impossible for me to craft.

adding 3 dusty rose ioun stones to basic helmet had DC 60
adding 4 dust rose ioun stones to basic helmet had DC 70

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