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XP by level and creature

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XP by level and creature Empty XP by level and creature

Post  Cowbot Tue Jul 17, 2018 9:14 pm

I am testing what critters give what XP. Some are totally broken, sadly I didn't record what level I was when I encountered those.

I'll update this as I add more. Summons halve the xp.

Level 12 PC
Zombie warrior: 1xp
Tiny stag beetle: 1xp
Queen Spider: 2533xp
Black Bear: 1xp

level 13 PC
Hive Mother 2800xp
Greater mummy 480xp
Assassin vine 235xp
Huge stag beetle 336xp
queen spider 1960xp
pack leader 685xp
Harpy 1xp
Bodak 336xp
wraith spider 1xp

Level 14 PC
Huge black scorpion 123xp
Huge fire beetle 1xp
Giant wasp 1xp
Skeletal devourer 527xp (with summon)
Pack leader 517xp
queen spider 753xp (with summon)
Mummy Lord 258xp (with summon)
Skeleton warrior 1xp (with summon)
Dire spider 62xp (with summon)

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