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From far off, very far to ... here:  Empty From far off, very far to ... here:

Post  BenevolentDevil Sun Sep 09, 2018 12:37 am

* A scribe writes for Fei Yan , as he seems magically adept at translating what difficulties she has with the cultural language here into something more commonly understood.*

I am Fei Yan of the lands of Dynasties and Golden temples of forbidden cities. My name means, Glittering Coin.
I do not often speak of myself. I will only say , I am in exile, that is self imposed. I will never again see the blossoms and bamboo of my homeland, it's sparkling waters, it' s great wall.
This makes me sad, only a little.

This place, the Silver Trade Way as I have heard of it ... , it is different, exciting.
In my home, I was not allowed to have friends. It was forbidden. From rise before the sun, it was always training, katas, eat, meditate, more katas, more training. Practice, practice, practice. When I did well, I got beat with a rod. When I did badly, I got beat with ... other things, sliced even, for my mistakes.
This is why you see these scars. Reminders of failure, and disappointment.

You would find our ways, as strange as I find yours.

But I have , made one friend ... he says we are friends. The word is as foreign to me as this dirt under my feet. Though, I would say ally at times, Padril is also another curiosity to me. He is elven ... I had never knowingly met one before arriving in the West here. Elves, dwarves , Oni ... these were creatures far beyond the Great Wall, barred from our Forbidden Cities. I don't know why, save for Oni are ... honorable but monstrous, and dwarves are not like dwarves here. Bald and cannibals most are in our lands, wild and not tame. Rabid dogs are more friendly.
Elves kept to themselves, far away in enchanted places forbidden to us.
So Padril seems nice enough. he's helpful. A Good Wizard, with many tricks. Given enough training, he could make a great Wu-Jen master.
But he also suffers from ... I don't know what you call it. Attention deficit disorder perhaps?
He is distracted easily , and seems to have many friends he prefers over my company. Though, don't mistake my words for being jealous. I harbor no such desires in my heart. I am practically incapable of ... feelings of such , positive or negative ones.
But Padril is a ... decent person. I haven't puzzled him out , any more as to why I cannot eat raw fish here. Or why rice is not a menu item. mayhaps, the farmers here, simply cannot grow rice?

Others of his troop came recently. Sadly, they did not give thier names to me.
wild magic in the goblin caves, transformed goblin into a vampire ... the battle was fierce, and many fell to it. I tried to warn them, I dropped chemicals and smoke and fire to distract the beast, so they would run ... but they ran into the fire , and kept attacking the horrid undead creature. I begged them all to run, but only a few made it out.
It took a while to puzzle this out in the aftermath of the chaos. I despise chaos. I like Order, going slow. Do things quiet and meticulous, cover your ground and look ahead before leaping.
The group seemed not to do this, but rush and be brash. Mayhaps inexperience with danger , lessons learned hard way?

There was one though. A new stranger, Introduced himself, but all I can recall was his name started with an E, I want to say Ez. A cloaked and hooded man, which I would suppose would invite other people to try to peek under, get a closer look. I am one, whom knows the wisdom of , people have secrets, and secrets for a reason. I do not pry, I am not that curious.
He seemed wiser than the others, and very quickly I could tell his demeanor was close to my own. It was in his voice, the way he spoke to the others.
That one, this Ez person ... I hope to see more of. I think he will be a good ally for exploring these lands that are strange to me.
To the Nine .. I wish I could remember his full name ...

It has been an ... interesting first week since my arrival to the Silver Trade Way. Already I feel the burden of my past, of my family, of my home ... of my disgrace... , I feel it lightening. I am getting stronger, and testing my skills.

I look forward, to what this next week brings.
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From far off, very far to ... here:  Empty Re: From far off, very far to ... here:

Post  BenevolentDevil Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:35 pm

*Once again, Fei Yan employs a scribe to record her words*

Another week passes, and there is not all that much to tell.
while I explored a small bit, most my time has been taken up, finishing classes, and yet even so, I still may not get licenses. This means, researching components I need for my ... specialty devices, has to wait. I do not like this.
I spend to much time looking in places and shops for the chemical devices I use.

However, I will touch on something I remarked on before.
My associate, Padril. I think I miss judged him at first. While his nature seems a tad more sporadic than mine, I just yesterday seen when he sets his mind on a task, he has absolute focus in accomplishing it.
Intelligence , that is what you are capable of learning from books, scrolls, and teachers , I am of average at best. I have no formal education, only my upbringing and cultural education.
Wisdom however, is gained over time, and experience. Being wise, is what drives me most at my core. When to say things, when not. When to re-think assessments of allies and associates.

Padril's friend, the lady of the Bear and wilds , has yet to tell me her name. She seems capable , though not a strong swimmer it seems.
I like her well enough, she's quiet though. she seems a bit too keen for her own good.
I casually mentioned I was just a simple peasant girl, and she tried arguing against the statement. Technically , I did not lie. I am what I am.

Am I anymore than this? I do not know.
I know my confidence is greater exploring with others. But I still fail at mundane task , I shouldn't even so. My attempts to explore alone, have often lead to bad wounding and disaster.
So, no I did not lie about my station or lot in life.

But, I think she keened on, I am not telling the whole truth either.

We shall see what comes of this, this next week.

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From far off, very far to ... here:  Empty Re: From far off, very far to ... here:

Post  BenevolentDevil Thu Sep 20, 2018 8:43 pm

*once again, penned by a knowledgeable linguist and scribe *

Much happened this week. Padril proved his resourcefulness, and aided me in my training. While this is not too remarkable, it is nice milestone passed for me. His knowledge and resourcefulness sometimes surprises me.

Met some new faces , and some I have seen about, but conversed with very little.

This latest ... escapade ... proved to be rather odd and strange.
Who is "Carol"? , maybe I will find out .. .maybe not.

Fought a powerful, horrid creature with two others. Helthan and whom I assume is his woman. Helthan was called a "local hero" by others. Interesting.
The other I did not know, never seen her before that I recall. Definately a witch or Wu-Jen.
The escapade went decently enough , though it could have went much better.

It amazes me, I am a foreigner in these lands, yet those that have been around far longer than I , common sense escapes them. Almost not a bone of wisdom shown when it's imperative to be cautious, and listen to reason and logic.
Perhaps part of it was my fault, I simply do not speak plainly enough in these people's "common" language. I should study more.
But, I found constant irritation at being "dismissed" when offering sound logic.
This is a bad issue, for those that seemingly are versed in book study , and have no ability beyond spouting information to logically piece together information into sound cause and effect.

I wouldn't have told them much, but if the other two had asked, I would have said to them, I know murders. What we chased, wasn't a murderer, it was a beast. I know assassins. I lived and breathed my whole life among them.
When I spoke up , offering what I knew ... the things said to me, " Maybe Fei. Whatever Fei. Oh yes, I know where that cave goes, Fei."
I must come across as an idiot, that's how I was treated. Talked to as if I am simple minded, and not one of thier peers.
I can only think, they think this of me, because i am from far off, and not a normality of thier known culture. Still, it's very off putting.

Traveling during this escapade .. this search for a murderer ... a nightmare. First I went looking for signs, of things a miss after getting very vague general directions.
Then I was forced to swim in the horrid river. I can swim. I just hate doing so.
I eventually reached a point and caught up to Helthan and his woman , but the wandering of paths and finding ways ... not very good. Most of it was wasting time in my opinion. If it had been a actual murder, and not a magical demon beast , the "person" would have not fled into wilds, circled around lnds inhabited by dangerous and magical beast. A person, would have fled to dark corners , or abandoned places to hide. This isn't learned from a book, it's process of knowing how murders do and think. Deductive reasoning. If it had been such, said person would hav egotten away, while we wandered paths and climbed ... well, I climbed.
The other two ... there's something very animalistic about them both. They sniff an dsmell things I cannot. They hear, what my ears do not hear.
I woul dhave dismissed this, because of the woman at first. Being WuJen, she's capable of magical things that supercede ... normality.
But ... even Padril, who is close to WuJen, cannot out jump me. He is not nimble as I even boosted magically.
I AM highly, highly skilled in all things acrobatic. I trained my entire existence being so, perfecting such.
Those two, ... can jump much farther than possible , even vertical surfaces ... which are impossible for me, even having spent my whole of all years, jumping and climbing the impossible.

Now, I absolutely do not care ... who or what they do or are capable of. I am not judging them, for the ability , or if there is something odd of them.
It is pure observation on my part.
Though, I would not have say for instance, traveled with Padril or Rey , scaled up sheer cliff faces , and left them to figure out the hard way how to get up to me. Showing off I can do more than they. Such is not wise, is impractical, and chaotic.

I could tell, I was almost a mere third leg to the pair. Many times, I second guessed my involvement, and thought of turning back, leaving them to what ever fate.
I am not even certain , they wanted me around. I don't know if i was a help to them or not.

I didn't go along for them though, I simply had to make sure ... my past which is in shadow , was not catching up to me.

I could care less if people are murdered. I feel nothing towards lords, nobles, or whom tries to murder whom for gains. Such is not for me to decide , or judge.
But, I could not leave such knowledge alone, knowing all I know. Simply based on facts of my life , I simply had to make sure, it wasn't my family at fault.

But , I did not return to meet any noble, or lord.
I am no hero. I found out what I needed to know, and that was that. Simple.

and now, I have a ... gift , for Padril maybe to study. or possibly a trump card to play, when all else fails. Only time will tell ...

What will, next week bring?
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From far off, very far to ... here:  Empty Re: From far off, very far to ... here:

Post  BenevolentDevil Fri Sep 21, 2018 5:32 pm

*once again, penned by an external scribe*

I am breaking my weekly entry, simply on principle.  
I think after being tired an weary, I had been a tad harsh in my thoughts and words on Helthan and his woman.  

I would say, they do not think ill of me, but simply as an outsider.  A Foreigner , someone unworthy of merit in thier eyes.  

However, this was the first time I traveled with them , and of course, they have no idea what my capabilities are, nor I them.  
Later i dreamed, and meditated my irritability away, and as I dreamed, I realized more simple facts that had eluded me.  

The pair, seem apt to be together when possible, and not often separated. However, for what ever reason, they are not entirely too sociable, and I can guess with a great bit of certainty, they have only had each other to rely on.  
 I believe both lack discipline.  I don't mean that in a bad way, just describing the nature of them.  Not just that, but it seems they are quite used to meeting challenges by strength of arms, or wielding of magics at problems. They are brash  in a way.  Foolish almost in my point of view.  

I am about Order, Control, observing all I can , and using it to my advantage.  My way is generally to think first, then act.  Not run head first into trouble, if it can be helped.  
 My way is a way of practicality.  Of wise decisions ... even knowing when to retreat, sneak by, or find out more information to solve issues or problems.

I came to realize, Padril himself while capable of focus and determination, has such a nature himself.  But, he is used to me, and I him.  
This was the difference I think.  The others were not used to me being around.  
While the differences in our ways tend to compliment each other, between Padril and I, and also his woman Rey.  
The other two , could not have automatically assumed such complimenting style, for they have no idea who I am, or what I do really.  

Some would call me a type of monk.   To me, this description  is not correct.  It would be the same, as if i called a lumberjack a farmer.  

Monks are dedicated by faith.   I have no faith, save for that in myself.

No, I am something else entirely.  Like a monk, I have trained in physical martial arts.  My Life is disciplined an dedicated.  
I did not stop at just martial arts, my training, my upbringing my entire life was spent in various forms of fighting, acrobatics, and remaining as stealthy and unseen as possible.

I know a few forms of animal style kung fu.  My favorite is the "praying mantis" , for the weapons I use, the simple kama, light, fast, easily concealed, are shaped and the use compliments the style of the mantis well.   I am also adapt at the Crane style while not using such weapons.
While I do not have great strength, my fist and feet can break wood and hard items.  I have deftly swatted away projectiles shot at me several times.  My speed and accuracy, aid me more than mere strength.
  Other forms of hand to hand combat, because I am smaller than most, and physically weaker, I often employ what my culture calls Judo, which are locks and throws, that use the size and inertia of attackers against them.
 And of course, because of my direct upbringing , I am complete versed in Ninjitsu.  That Word means, Art of Unseen.  
Because of this training, I have learned to weaponize many things.   I can throw shirkens, darts, small blades with lightning fast, quick precision.
While these small devices, do little damage , they are also light, easily concealed, and as I said, ... i am able to whip many out in a very short frame of time.  
I do not carry heavy bows, or cumbersome arrows or bolts.  Nor Do I wield large, heavy weapons that take strength to make effective. Most of these weapons, are not light enough, nor easily carried or concealed.  
Mobility is  my ally , and even if that means a 360 degree means of mobility.  

Now, one would be prone to again, mistakenly call me an assassin , because I am trained in the art of Ninjitsu.  I could have been an assassin.  many of my family are, and have been since the beginning of the Shu family line.
I chose not to follow this profession.  I seen no practical point to murdering, for the sake of murdering, or murdering at the whim of a child emperor, for profit, and station.  Once you go that path, you never get out of it.  One could look at my family line, back to the first dynasty , and this is apparent.  You never get out , once you are in it.  The Shu clan is doomed to always be ninja assassins.  
Just not this one.

I am what we call, Shinobi. A form of ninja, specializing in stealth, unseen arts, acrobatics, and use of light and outside the box kinds of weaponry. A combination of art, martial capability, and knowledge and use of science, physics, and chemical devices, with a slight bit of mysticism tossed in.
While I did not lavish my upbringing, and harsh never ending, relentless training for perfection , I do enjoy the result.  

Now, If you will please excuse me scribe, I am off to study the cultural language of the region.  I grow weary of being misunderstood, and thought of as simple minded.    
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