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Tailoring ... Empty Tailoring ...

Post  BenevolentDevil Tue Sep 11, 2018 4:35 pm

I didn't grab any screenshots ... but here's what I was trying to do:

I already had a "look" on normal clothing, I found a robe ( also clothing) with properties on it , to save me time, from having to cycle through Armor/clothing parts to get the right look ... I thought I'd allow the tailor to "copy" my old set I was wearing, me put on the new set , and have the model's copy, copy over to my new one.

It wouldn't really do either ... maybe because EE and CEP have some bugs in the "custom looks" department.

To be honest ... a simple widget of copy what you are wearing, and then apply the look to anything new you find would be "better" than several semi-non functioning tailors around the city.
It's just for immersion, and saving time "crafting" individual parts for looks. When you find new Armor, currently it takes too long to "recreate" your initial starting "look" , so you don't look "default NWN" , or "out of place".


Unless it messes with your phenotypes , I do HIGHLY recommend the latest version of CEP over the 2.3/2,4 used currently. In those small "jumps" of versions, it adds in SOOOOO many more parts for custom looks. You'd also ... get a big kick out of the portals and visual effect placeables, you can use for portals ...

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