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Grinding up things ...

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Grinding up things ... Empty Grinding up things ...

Post  BenevolentDevil Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:41 am

As i was wandering around, looking for components ... I had a thought ...
Spells that need things that are powders, or dust, or granular things, and probably alchemist too need a way to take raw materials, and grind them up-

Mortar/pestal , grind-stone wheelhouse, even a hammer on the anvils would work Wink

I also had the thought, thinks like silver rings, silver necklaces , gold rings, gold necklaces ... ect should technically speaking , be able to be re-smelted back into ingot form or bars or something to use other ways.
Raw ore has impurities in em , which yields less metal than the amount mined, but already made jewelry would have most the impurities removed , yielding a better per-capita and purer ingot.
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