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Character bubbles and "bumping"

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Character bubbles and "bumping"  Empty Character bubbles and "bumping"

Post  BenevolentDevil Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:59 pm

Mialee mentioned this as well, some of the emotes are nice, but the default character bubbles are sometimes Rp problematic.

this script, i had sitting in my files, to take care of such issues ...

void main
object oPC = GetLastSpeaker();;
effect eGhost = EffectCutsceneGhost();
eGhost = SupernaturalEffect( eGhost );

Now I did it via an item activated convo on a plot item, this could be applied via rune stone, or clover widget.

While the cutsceneghost seems like a variable spirit, lol , it's not ... it just removes the pesky no collision NWN default has.
This means, characters can touch, without bumping several feet/meter away , don't "bump' when trying for a door or AT at once , companions and familars no longer block a path by thier "bubble" either.

It's best for players to have the option to turn on/off via convo. It's mostly an RP tool, more so than anything.

Putting it up here, for consideration.

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