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More Custom spells request - Arcane based

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More Custom spells request - Arcane based Empty More Custom spells request - Arcane based

Post  BenevolentDevil Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:08 pm

Audible Glamour - ( need to look up again for source material ) - Basically an illusion based spell, that grant impressions of various sounds, used for distraction. - Suggested research item ... a flute or harp.

Dancing Lights - Another illusionary based spell, creates a visual array or random lights floating about, lights are dim , but can read by them if needs be. Canbe used for distraction , or entertainment purposes.

Mage Hand - ( need to look up specifics), but allows distance manipulation of things, up to one pound ( could be 1 pound per level) or toggle switches, knock things over, ect ... Suggested research item ... A glove or set of gloves.

Glamour - Cantrip spell ... ( i'm not exactly sure if this was a DnD spell, or one from another game system. ) Glamour does cosmetic changes, fixes hair, does make up, changes clothing style or colors. Simple and RP supportive.

Unseen servant - ( again I need to look up specifics, but a very "light end "henchman" , carries a few things, does minor task for the summoner. Like repairing items , cleaning the lab, ect ...

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