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Kedwyn's Story

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Kedwyn's Story Empty Kedwyn's Story

Post  Sjalhavert Sun Nov 18, 2018 11:33 am

*OOC*Not the best writer, but I gave a background story a shot. Also not sure if this is the place for it*/ooc*

“At last! I have finally made it here to NoobU” I said to Wrynn as I gazed at the wooden doors. The doors had a sign above them stating that this was indeed NoobU. “Oh, Dekwyr would be so thrilled to be here too with us, my friend”.
Wrynn, my pseudodragon companion, nodded her head.
“I haven’t told our story before, have I?” I asked Wrynn. “I shall have to do that before we get started in here” I say as I point at the doors.

My earliest memory I have of my sister and I was growing up in a small village named Scranton. Scranton was a very poor village bordered on one side by a large dense forest, and large impassable mountain peaks on the other. There was a small road that lead along the base of the peaks that some traders braved in the spring and fall to bring the village needed supplies. Mostly, the villagers took care of themselves. How my sister and myself ended up in this village is partly why I am here. Everyone in the village was human, except for my sister and I. Growing up my Dekwyr and I were generally looked after by a mixture of the village wives. We never really had a home. Although we were dwarves, the villagers treated us fairly and with kindness. We never starved at any rate. The only possessions we had were two identical necklaces that we were told we had around our necks when we were found. As we grew older, my sister took a likeness to the small village church. Myself, I could not stay away from the small smithy on the outskirts of town.

Then one day, it happened. The worst day of our lives. The day the raiders came.

I had been in the forest, collecting firewood for the smith. I saw more smoke than usual coming from the direction of the village. As I returned to village, I heard screams and shouting. Moving closer, I saw a group of raiders moving down the main street of the village. I could see bodies strewn about the street, none of them were moving. Suddenly, Johnston, the village smith, came around the corner. He had one of his largest axes raised high above his head and ran at the raiders, yelling at them. I saw two, three, bowstrings snap and 3 feathered arrows just appeared in his chest, stopping him in his tracks. His axe dropped to his side as he collapsed to his knees and then onto his side, blood already beginning to pool beneath him.

A deep and hot anger flared inside me, raging for a release. I wanted nothing more than to avenge the death of Johnston, of all the others who were dead. I ran at the bandits. I don’t know what made me do it, but as I got closer I spread my hands out in a fan shape. Shockingly, fire sprouted from my fingertips and enveloped the bandits, burning them where they stood. I put my hands down in shock. What had just happened, I thought. Dekwyr! I thought suddenly. Running towards the church, I called out for her. When I reached the church, I found it a roaring inferno. I ran back to check on Johnston. He told me in a wet, bubbling whisper that he had seen my sister and others of the women being led off down the road before passing on.

I gathered a few of my belonging, and head off down the road.

Fast forward a few years and I have never found another trace of my sister or the other women from that village. I have since learned that I am what they call a sorcerer. And obviously, I figured out how to summon you, haven’t I Wrynn? Thinking about that day, and that rage that I felt then boils to the surface, just as hot and full of fire as it was then.

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