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Skill and Feat modifications/Clarifications

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Skill and Feat modifications/Clarifications Empty Skill and Feat modifications/Clarifications

Post  Cyan Thu Nov 22, 2018 6:52 pm

While waiting for the server to update, I thought I'd ask about how certain features may work on this server/ how useful they may be (Some skills are nearly useless/irrelevant to some modules):


Appraise: With the new merchant and coin system, does Appraise work the same way? (PC's Appraise+D10 vs Merchant's Appraise+D10?). I notice Persuade and Intimidate checks available in the menu to haggle, but do these work instead of Appraise or with appraise? I also noticed you could choose to Appraise an item (Which gives back details like maker's stamp and a few other details I didn't quiet understand?)

Bluff/Intimidate/Persuade: Does Bluff have an approved counter roll (To replace Insight, like Spot?). Is Intimidate countered the same as in 3.5 (1d20 + character level or Hit Dice + target’s Wisdom bonus [if any] + target’s modifiers on saves against fear) or by Will Save for simplicity? What mechanical use do these have in the module? (I have seen dialogue options available to persuade, intimidate and rarely bluff against NPCs, as well with the grifting/con artist options, but I haven't seen these 'work' outside of some flavour text) What is the etiquette for PvP Bluff/Intimidate/Persuade? How often do DMs tend to call on these rolls?

Craft Armor & Weapon: From what I can tell the basic crafting system NwN uses is still there (For making ironwood clubs and so on), but I recall the Smithing Professor mentioning something about only the highest of the Craft A/W skills is applied to the custom crafting?

Lore Does lore have any further uses outside of identifying items or occasional RP rolls?

Pick Pocket There already appears to be [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] with very interesting discussions on this skill and it's application.

Ride: I think this has already been brought up in this [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Brew Potion/Craft Wand/Scribe Scroll: Do these systems still work as their basic scripts, or have they been Changed/Replaced? Some of the Crafting info implies these feats are 'helpful' but not necessary for the custom craft system, but don't explain how they help exactly.

Expertise +(Improved): Does this server implement 'Spellhooking' or other scripts that prevent spellcasters from using Expertise with no penalties? (Typically, most scripts have it so casting a spell breaks this mode)

Disarm: More for clarification on Server etiquette or if there are any custom scripts attached to being disarmed. (Such as if the item is dropped to the ground as usual, or put into the owner's inventory

Devastating Critical: Again, more to confirm whether this is banned or not, as it can be very unfair in PvP scenarios.

Riding Feats: Is being discussed in this [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
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Skill and Feat modifications/Clarifications Empty Re: Skill and Feat modifications/Clarifications

Post  Eriniel Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:33 am


Appraise: Appraise is meant to work on the item now instead of the shop itself. This is something I have to flesh out,  the other details are more lightly data which I have to flesh out, usually that stuff doesn't show without the debug flag but since not really familiar with Appraising it got left behind a bit when other things came up.

Bluff/Intimidate/Persuade: *scratches head* Will check, think Grifting and such use it. Persuade works with merchants sometimes...

Craft Armor & Weapon: The basic crafting system NWN uses is still there - but with additions to the collection of things you can make with it, and the PC must be near an anvil. Will check the Smithing Professor's sequence as should be added specific to item (ie wearable items such as Armor, gloves, etc get Craft Armor skill added, where as weapons Swords, bows, etc get Craft Weapon skill added).

Lore ... Yes many other places, systems like Cleric's Diagnose (What is infecting the PC), Languages (Gives you change of understanding a few words, etc if not know the language spoken), See/read hidden marks on items/objects or identify them (ie Rune mark, Moon runes, etc), Detect Poison spell uses it to identify the poison/with heal skill and herbology the counter agent. Those are just the ones I have open atm. Pretty sure there are a lot of others.

Pick Pocket  has some modification I have yet had the opportunity to test, such as the famous mouse trap in the inventory trick, if the item too big it should drop during the pping action, XP awarded for successful pping. assuming it insn't spammed.

Ride: ... think so...


Brew Potion/Craft Wand/Scribe Scroll: Brew Potion instead gives GOOD bonus for Herbology rolls both making and identifying (such as diagnosis of drug addicted PC/npc). Craft Wand gives similar bonus to adding spells to items like wands, staffs, even weapons, and the crafting of magical items from raw materials. Scribe Scroll works the same, but also has the ability to allow the user to scribe from the Spell Book (Custom spells) item and the Herb Bag (Recipes).

Expertise +(Improved): Haven't tested it/

Disarm: ATM I don't think it's modified.

Devastating Critical: Not sure.

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