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About Our Neverwinter Nights Server (NWN)

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About Our Neverwinter Nights Server (NWN) Empty About Our Neverwinter Nights Server (NWN)

Post  GM_ODA Sun Dec 16, 2018 5:14 am


       [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]PLAY FOR FREE! This game server is FREE TO PLAY, though it does operate exclusively on player donations.


    If you have a copy of Neverwinter Nights, you can login and play NOW! If you do not have a copy of NWN yet, get your copy [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]* today! We operate a NWN server whose current details are shown in the graphic to the left.  


      NWN is experiencing a renaissance!    


      [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]If you do not yet have Neverwinter Nights, you should consider obtaining a copy of Neverwinter Nights : Enhanced Edition from [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] We host a NWN:EE version of our server whose current details are shown in the graphic to the left.


                                          * This server and site is NOT associated with HASBRO, nor BIOWARE, nor, nor - we just love the NWN game they brought us!


                                         JOIN US! We play DUNGEONS & DRAGONS via the classic computer Role Playing Game (cRPG) Neverwinter Nights! Neverwinter Nights (aka NWN or NWN1) is an older single- AND multi- player computer version of classic Dungeons & Dragons tabletop RPG. Although this computer game was released more than a decade ago, the good news is it runs FAST on most any PC running any Windows, Linux or MAC operating system (yeah, it more than likely runs well on that old laptop). More, a substantial NWN-playing community plays online and interact though various websites and forums, the information services of NeverwinterNights INFO and other sites (Reddit, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, This same community has continued to create and release add-ons for the original game since its release over a decade ago. Come adventure with us!                                        


                                         [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]Part of the Aerthen Realms, Argentum Regio is a NWN server available on the Internet 24x7 and is listed under the category of 'Role Play' - the server bills itself as being a 'Role-Play-encouraged' server, where new PLAYERS can feel comfortable 'learning-as-you-play' and rest assured that Role-Play flubs won't be held against you. The region in which your PC will initially adventure is named "Argentum Regio" which is a term of the old language (LEGARDIAN), still used by some learned sorts and found in some old tomes and carvings - it is said to mean 'the Land of the Silver King' or 'the Silver Kingdom' - and refers to the land in which the city of Dohral is found.        


                                         [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]Dohral is a port city through which goods and resources from inland sources such as the dwarves of the Eastern Citadel or the forests of Toltaw are accessed by the rest of the world. The land is controlled by the nominal 'Silver King'; a dwarven Lord whose power is undisputed in the region, even if he himself has never been above ground. The human city of Dohral is a client state of this dwarven lord, and though it may be large it is EASY to find your way around the city itself as a character in the game. The city is a square-shaped thing divided into five districts which run from the sea inland to the north as far as the city walls. These districts from the west to the east are named Algrada, Bolovin, Chonda, Donnel and Egbort (A-B-C-D-E, convenient for your navigational use but named for friends of the city founder). Within each of these regions are neighborhoods named for their region and their relative location within the region; North, Mid, South and Port. Thus we have neigborhoods such as North Algrada, and Port Egbort, while the palace (city center) is found in South Chonda. Other important details might include that markets are found in both Bolovin and Donnel districts, the military is heavy in Algrada, the money purses are heavy in Egbort. Shipping interests controls the southern most part of the city. An arena is found in Mid Bolovin, and a public baths in Mid Chonda.          


                                         Outside the city, roadways allow travel to more remote locations, cutting through wilderness and rugged places where fell monsters challenge the bold or foolish who dare explore the wilds beyond the road. All of the surface locations outside the city of Dohral are labeled in a way to help you navigate; regions have names such as Humfoodale, Tivook or Esrogoth, and each region is comprised of a grid of 7x7 Areas your PC can explore. Areas are named within each region by their location as shown in the diagram.                                            


                                         [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]Like 'Dungeons & Dragons' this NWN server is 'brought to life' by the unseen efforts of our Dungeon Masters (aka DMs) - a feature that makes Neverwinter Nights multiplayer so much better than your basic MMORPG. Come experience the difference, brave dangerous quests, adventure with like spirited gamers in a fast-paced tabletop Role Playing server.            


                                         The main or CORE MODULE is comprised of over 1337 Areas, each configured to allow a wide range of CUSTOM actions on the part of the PCs (e.g. Bards carouse, Rogues use windows, Rangers track, Mages scry, etc.). In the many Areas your PC can explore you may be called upon to discover obvious or inobvious dangers and features - any of which may reveal useful information or passage to places hitherto unknown. This world is MADE to be highly interactive, but also to be a good custodian of secrets. Can you discover what lay beneath the veneer of the mundane?                                            


                                         This set of modules were built with the intent of creating a NWN persistent world that closely approximates tabletop Dungeons and Dragons. While anyone is welcome to login to our NWN server anytime 24x7 and play; the server is fully available to all both solo and in groups this way - we earnestly encourage all to contact a DM and get involved in a DM'd event as this is where the server really shines, and where the D&D is really found. Our DMs know the many secrets of the module (game world) and have tools to help bring it all together; engaging your PC's backstory, making NPCs much more interactive and generally breathing life into the game world.  


  If you are looking to play D&D on your own schedule, THIS is the place.                                            

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