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What's going on with me? - Rise of the Guild

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What's going on with me? - Rise of the Guild Empty What's going on with me? - Rise of the Guild

Post  Sahral Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:14 am

As I am sure most of you are aware I have been working behind the scenes to help try and rebuild the "good" side of Argentum in the hope of creating alternative roleplay scenarios and more interesting conflicts than simply, "He looked at me funny so I killed him" situations or relying on GMs/NPCs to do the leg work. As NWN *multiplayer* is a new system to me, I'm having to relearn and work around quirks, which has been both time consuming and frustrating to say the least. Though I wish to take a moment to thank you all for your help both supporting me through these quirks and offering suggestions/ideas to push this forward, so thankyou:). They have been invaluable to me and hopefully, not a waste of your time.

However, I would like to know what people think, expect, require from a "good" side before I set this in stone and pass it on for approval. While I do intend to make this a strict guild (lawful good), it'll be a tier level with upper levels being guardians (a.k.a, paladins though this may change Neutral) followed by the clerics and then those signing their allegiance to the good side. I think this is the best way to keep it sensible while allowing me to make full use of the player base that at present, is limited. Neutral I haven't decided on a diety yet due to there being existing dieties as part of Argentum, thoughts?. I am heading towards a celestial/heavenly kinda roleplay style/presence type guild without a lot of preachyness. Guild members would be expected to show compassion, aid, and support to lessor races and show level of restraint when it comes to conflicts. Though don't worry, there will be plenty of them for those... more combat orientated. If all this meets requirements I would like to see maybe a few events to help broaden the presence of the devine, which can be back storied and roleplayed back among the players, then to me, then roleplayed back through again until I can shore up the ranks a bit and get a better presence through Argentum. Though I know some are helping, which I'm grateful for, it isn't the most ideal situation as it's created a paradox in itself. lol

So that's kinda where I'm at at the moment. Thoughts, suggestions, you know where to put them:)

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What's going on with me? - Rise of the Guild Empty Re: What's going on with me? - Rise of the Guild

Post  eve_of_disaster Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:30 am

Personally I say screw niceness! A lawful good character has -NO- obligation to be polite and curt with an obviously evil character, nor should they need to humbly offer advice about the evil characters ways. Paladins are way too good in general. Why do they all always seem naive, simpletons? What they should be doing is strike down upon all things evil without a moments thought. Sure, situations may come up that will give rise to hard choices, but a paladin in my eyes should not be a colorful valiant hero with a big sword. They should be seasoned warriors of battle and war, chosen for their conviction and their habit to strike down fast and quick at a moments notice. When I look upon many of the paladins roleplayed on standard nwn servers I see these boring humans, all the same type of character who will rescue damsels in distress, drink tea and commune in polite manner. Sure, a paladin may do so, but they should more so be quick to furious rightous anger. So what if they sometimes take the battle out on the streets where commoners would walk. For the greater good it would be worth a few innocent lives. And when the poor vampire begs on his or her knees, don't you dare offer to take them to a temple to cure their affliction - if you trust the vampire you are stupid! Either strike her down with no questions asked or shackle her and drag her to the temple by force. Sometimes their rightous fury will overtake them and they may fall to ways darker than those preached by their temple. A momentary lapse in judgment will cause them to pray devotedly at their temple and meditate to regain a serene view upon past choices. One wrong action does NOT mean to fall from grace, forgiveness awaits around the next corner as they would strike down the next embodiment of evil that would think to carelessly walk the streets of Dohral.

Paladins needs to realise that they are fighting a war at every step of the way. Relaxing not only can be deadly but is deadly. A hand on the hilt of your sword and always detecting evil is the only way to be ready for the coming darkness that they inevitably believe is coming. Save romantic novelties of the white knight on horseback rescuing princesses from horny dragons for the disney movies and come join the dark side of being a justicar of what is "good". Relax only among trusted companions or within the sanctity of your temple.

A well-played paladin is not a preacher, he is a man of few words and often enough - despite common belief of the opposite - a man of short temper, often working on those qualities of his character, striving for serenity. It is a hard road as the paladin must have that furious wrath handy, invoking it towards the enemy, but be able to temper the rage as the glow in the enemys eyes wanes.

// The alignments of dnd and the romantic novelties about the white knight in shining armor are all so very easily interpreted to mean that your character would be in a certain way. I say it is bull. A paladin does not have to be ascetic, whoever came up with this crap should have his pc's hanged on the spot. A paladin does not have to be ever polite, naively expecting good in everyone they encounter. Personally I think that kind of behaviour is another reason paladins are not roleplayed more. The paladin I would like to roleplay, and roleplay with or against is someone who does not feed into these silly disney-esque notions of fairytale bravery. A paladin I would like to see is someone who would contemplate using torture to find information about the den of vampires hiding within the city of Dohral. A paladin like this would be more human and realistic than any of the fairytale versions that scatter nwn servers everywhere.
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