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The execution

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The execution Empty The execution

Post  eve_of_disaster Sun Sep 26, 2010 4:52 pm

Te'lyn Ze'herron sits at the shore of the sea of Soroshal. A place where she's spent many a night, after having fought the ogres of Urshnar Thrhr. Then she fought to try and keep the population of the ogres down... This time she's mourning. Not the death of the one she executed but the feeling of innocence she has lost. Her prey walked willingly to his death and she grimly obliged, striking him down.

Looking out towards the sea and distant islands she only knows exist, she sighs softly. Rising to her feet she draws her kamas and walks one last time to the grave. But a small pile of stones indicates that something is buried here. With the note in hand she sets out to fulfill the dying mans last wish.

She knows her decisions and actions may have dire consequences but she accepts them as her duty. She expects a war and will step into the fray with not a seconds doubt. The one named Lance will surely hunt her as will its mate. She smiles without mirth and waves her wand, the portals familiar light rising infront of her. As she steps through the light she casts one more long look towards the sea only to see it fade from view.

A new billboard message by the Tivook Inn reads: "Any werewolf seen near civilized areas will be apprehended or executed. This includes so-called domesticated werewolves. You are a danger to the lives of everyone and there will be no mercy.

-Werewolf-hunter Te'lyn Ze'herron"
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The execution Empty Re: The execution

Post  Aurora Silverwolf Mon Oct 04, 2010 3:38 pm

A pair amber eyes with green flecks look at the bulletin posted .. the sounds of claws digging into wood is heard .. as claws rake through the posted warning... them clawing something below the post.

"The hunt has begun blood for blood. You are now the hunted"...

It is unsigned .. but the meaning is clear ..

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