Neverwinter Nights Multiplayer Server 24x7 Now with NWN and NWN:EE
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Pledge your support!

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Pledge your support! Empty Pledge your support!

Some of you may have noticed that the forums have been changing a bit since the departure of our prior Forum Admin. We are working on both the module/server and the forum to bring you the BEST possible gaming experience.

And it all may end soon.

Simple facts are that while GM_ODA and Eriniel have time on their hands and a willingness to provide their skills and talents to the server - GM_ODA is disabled (can't work, doctor's orders) and Eriniel is stranded on a desert isle. While we can cope with these conditions - GM_ODA has been feeling a pinch from it all.

This server is a DEDICATED SERVER in a secure data center with FAT redundant internet connection, and redundant power connections too. It costs MONEY to host like this, but the benefit is NO LAG and a server that is always there when YOU want to play.

GM_ODA has been paying for this server out of his own thin pockets for three years, but GM_ODA has recently taken a financial hit and may not be able to continue this on his own for very long due to circumstances beyond his control. The disabled guy has shouldered the load for three long years, now, we need YOU to step up.

If you like this server, what it offers, and where it is going, NOW is the time to consider donating to the server fund. The DONATIONS BUTTON is now on every page, please consider assisting us in some small way, to bring this amazing game world to the NWN public.

Note, if this server shuts down, it will vanish, there will be no posting of the module on the vault, no resurrection of the server in another location, nothing, it will just vanish. So think about it and ask yourself, "can I spare the price of a movie ticket to benefit this unique NWN server?" If the answer is yes, go click that DONATE BUTTON (above) - otherwise, the ArgentumRegio server may well go dark.

Best Regards,

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