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Rohan in'Erlor approaches

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Rohan in'Erlor approaches Empty Rohan in'Erlor approaches

Post  AnmeyaMax Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:17 am

Rohan in'Erlor, the once famous bard was reported missing a very long time ago. The quest to destroy an immortal being brought this man to madness.

It's early morning and you can barely see the stars upon the sky. Rohan lies down on his back looking up towards the skies. The little he had once is lost, two ancient weapons, powerful but cursed, his colourful bard garb -now colourless and ragged. Years had passed and still no sign of the demon who crushed him, his passion, and his love.

Rohan begins to pack up what ever he has left for the road ahead. Just as he squases his bedroll into his backpack he has this feeling of being watched. Rohan lets his backpack fall to the ground as he scans the area for any potential threats. The ground is mixed in dried grass and dirt and the chilly wind hums among the thick trees. He is standing astride in the middle of his holt, ready. "Where are you...", Rohan shakes his head and continues to pack up his belongings.

The trees are scattared tight has he walks along a small stream. He is heading back, back to Tivook, with that thought in mind he gently strokes the only sign of sense he has left, his golden harp. Suddenly he stops walking as he hears something, it sounds like a voice, "Rohan, Rohan...". He starts marching in the direction of the whispers, "I have something to show you, it's something you seek". The whispering makes him frown but his couriosity makes him seek the source.

He stops and caughts his breath. "I don't remember that I was running. And, where am I?". The trees around him are naked and do not seem to move despite the chilly wind. He closes his eyes, trying to remember how he got here. As he opens them again and looks around as he realizes the impossible. The trees are now standing in an circle, like a wall stretched around him. "How did this happen?", he panics but he cannot move a toe. "Rohan, I know what you seek, I can give it to you. But are you ready to make the sacrifice?", the voice feels like a snake crawling down his spine. "Who are you? Get me out of here!", the trees are all tightier than before, he is all trapped now. A dark shadowed figure appears right infront of him, "I am Zorga and I can help you. But... Can you make the sacrifice?". The trees tighten around him and the figure disappears, if he cannot move anytime soon he'll be squished. "Sacrifice...."
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