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Navigating in the Big City, with the Spirit Guide of Dohral

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Navigating in the Big City, with the Spirit Guide of Dohral Empty Navigating in the Big City, with the Spirit Guide of Dohral

Post  GM_ODA Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:34 am

The SPIRIT GUIDE OF DOHRAL (SGoD) is fully functional!

'Haunting' each Magic Carpet Depot in the City of Dohral, you will find the SGoD. This is a knowledgable spirit and dispenses directions. Ask about ANYTHING and the SGoD will advise you on the location where you can find such things!

Looking for a bakery? Seeking a new sword? Ask the SGoD about these (or anything else) and it will direct you to a nearby location in the city of Dohral where your desires can be fulfilled.

Dohral is divided into slices along a north-south axis, named from west to east these are Algrada, Bolovin, Chonda, Donnel, and Egbort (A-B-C-D-E). The city is also divided into slices along the east-west axis, named north to south these are North, Mid, South and Port. Hence, valid locations are North Egbort, South-Chonda, Mid-Algrada, Donnel Port (Port Donnel), etc..

Currently the SGoD is functioning well (please let me know if you spot any errors), but it could be made better. Presently the SGoD will tell you the Area where your desired thing can be found, but the SGoD could be more detailed - even giving the name of the STREET where your desired item could be found... if only for the data.

I am at a loss for time to do this research - just too busy right now. How can YOU help? Well, easy enough, PM me to tell me your are interested in helping. I will give you a list of all the shops and such in a given Area, and a list of street names for that Area. You will then have your PC walk each street, finding each listed point of interest and noting which street it was found to be located on; return this data to me and I'll plug it into the SGoD.

Interested? There are many ways to help the project that do not require a great deal of time/effort, but which would be much appreciated.

Contact me if you are willing to help.
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