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Noob U - the Alma Mater of many Famous Adventurers

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Noob U - the Alma Mater of many Famous Adventurers Empty Noob U - the Alma Mater of many Famous Adventurers

Post  GM_ODA Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:41 am

This server features MANY fine features - allowing for very realistic interaction with the game world. Much of the more sophisticated systems are actually rather easy to access and use by the PC - Noob U is the 'university' for adventure!

Noob U. is a school (set of tutorials) meant to get the player up to speed on all the whistles and bells used in this campaign. Directions on how to find your way to Noob U. can be found on the billboard at the end of the docks in Port Chonda where the PC enter the city (HINT FOLLOW THE RED ARROWS IN TOWN).

Be sure to stop by Noob U. with all your beginning characters, take the time to explore your new PC's abilities there. There is equipment, training and even some XPs to be had by the astute.

Our ever-evolving Noob U now includes tutorials for climbing, jumping and swinging. Also, the TRAP LAND portion has been upgraded also (tho I shant spoil the surprize). Noob U has a lot of secrets that you have to pay attention to spot - don't miss the level up lever is hidden in the church cemetary. That is how you'll gain your 4 levels if you desire.
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