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DM_Dragon- Event recording

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DM_Dragon- Event recording Empty DM_Dragon- Event recording

Post  DM Drachen Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:39 pm

I thought I would make this topic so other people in the community could read what has been going on within my events-

Alright this happened two or three days ago:

PCS Included: Ando, Dranz,Rebecca,Tanae,
Dranz and Ando were in there for the last bit.

NPCs:Lira,Kira,Lady Silver (Sylvia Animagus),

Lira: Andos Celestial Wife.
Lady Silver: Worshipper of The Dragon,
Kira: Fallen Celestial just there to basicly piss Lira off.

Okay so it started with tanae and rebecca finding a ring on a drow body who had attacked them, basicly attempting to mug them. They found this ring and inscripted on it said " The Dragon Shall Lead Your Way" Or somthing like that? Then rebecca went into the Inn for some rest, Tanae was visitted by a nature spirit and was topld about the drow spreading a disease to nature: this was enforced by a large amount of animals going crazy around tivook. Then with Lady Silver Tanae went with her to a temple of the dragon, I must say the temple was epic Smile. Then they found that the ring was needed to get in, so Tanae went to the Inn and got rebecca, then the reflected light off the ring into one orb on a column near the door under the tori gate, the light reflect into an orb on the tori gate into another one on a column. Then they teleported into the temple because the door would not open even though it was unlocked so I had to get creative Smile. So they go in the temple and they go to a founbtain with a big crystal in it and Lady Silver talks about the powers of he water within the fountain about how it can cure anything, then the drow were spying on them and attempted to get the cure before the group and the temple self-destructed to protect the magic waters. The event continued yesterday with just burma and Lady Silver. The two got in an arguement on saving one last crystal in the rubble they found from a drow priestess. They were to busy fighting to notice the fireballs destroying the crystal >.> xD. After that the dragon spoke through Lady Silver with the first line of a prophecy:"The heroes who rebuilt the temple walls, All will wise but one shall fall (The Dragon after loosing connection through crystals), The darkness shall retreat to the shadows edge (The drow with the relics), And the fallen one shall seek revenge (The dragon destroying the drow).So Lady Silver took them to another old temple with 9 or so crystals that they activated (The Dragon can only remain intact with the world through the crystals). So they activated then Ariana teleported in since she had some explaining to do nto burma through some rituals burma had seen with ariana being sent to the dragon. Then the dragon unleashed his wrath upon the drow that have been tormenting p[eople in Tivook for the last Real-life give or take a month. The drow ended up taking some relics in the temple that self-destructed and of course its the players job to find them Smile.
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