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Murin Maydur

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Post  DM Drachen Tue Mar 29, 2011 5:59 am

* A young dwarf clinks of the ship in a pale blue armor, his hair blue as the sky, his cape black as night. He bears a smile greeting the locals at the dock heading into the city* *As he adventures more north into the city he comes across a local forgery, he strays in the door a pouch of acerian money at his side strapped to his belt along with various other vials and pouches.* "Why hello there sir" *he greets the shop owner* "Hello there, would you like to buy anything?" *Murin browses around the shop finding a Great-axe with a dark brown strap, he goes over the blade smoothly over its silver metal feeling every cruve and gripping the handle hard* "I'd like this on sir" *He bows to the man dumping 50 acerian golds on the counter of which the man sits behind* "Alright, shes all yours!" The man croaks as Murin opens the shop door heading out. "I wonder where a dwarf can get some good food?" murin whispers to himself searching up the streats of the Chonda's before he eventually walking into The Justice inn. "Aye! Heres a Inn!" he talks to himself again, then he opens the door in strides in. He looks around to spot a beautiful young lady sitting alone at a table. *he waves through his dark blue hair, flexes his arms making the white tattoos of a dragon, and walks up to the table sitting down. Murin smiles to the lady and orders a drink* "Could I get somthing for you lass?" He asks the woman suprised to see somone sit at the table. "Uhm...sure?" She replies looking at the barmaid. The waiter comes back with two beers and Murin gives her 10 acerian golds, he smiles to the woman chugs his beer like a dwarf can only do. The woman chirps after taking a sip of her drink "What is your name?" "Murin, and yours?" he replies to her. "Call me anna...." the woman replays with another swig of her beer. *the dwarf nods, but out of the corner of his eye he sees various people fighting all with weapons* " 'scuse me anna." he walks over to the group unstrapping his great-axe from his back he jumps a little swining it to his right in a circle in the air crashing it down on the floor caving that part of the floor in, then he swings again hitting a wooden column cracking it a great amount. "You all be best stop ruining my date. Or your face will look like the floor." he walks back to anna's table sitting down. " That was....nice?", "well ive actually got to go" *anna slips from the table heading around the wreck in the floor to the door, then she slips out into the night. "I should go to" *he looks that angried inn owner, the inn owner does not say anything but he gives the dwarf a glare. Murin breaks into a run over the hole in the floor out into dohral once more....
He wanders across another inn, he goes in strapping his great-axe, he rents a room and goes up in it to sleep.

///Yes the factions were messed up, as a player I couldnt do anything.
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