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Factions: a call out to heroes and not so nice people alike...

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Factions: a call out to heroes and not so nice people alike... Empty Factions: a call out to heroes and not so nice people alike...

Post  Ulrek Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:11 am

now i've noticed theres some good chances for faction RP just needs some people to be in the factions...

ideas for factions...

Dohral Guards: (better name needed i know) a faction of good aligned paladins fighters and most melee fighters but archers would work i think that would help keep order in Dohral and peace in the area that the citys rulers clam lordship over

Mages Guild: now i never really got in to the whole mages guild thing but others seem to like the RP from a good old mages guild so i'd say we need one or at least should think about it who doesnt love a bunch of mages always trying to blow up the world every other day?

Clan Kelm: (if it does not have a name already) the vampires around here could use some fresh "blood" in their ranks to take the fight to the paladin scum and make their unlives less stressful and maybe bring home "take out" for the family from time to time (note this is the faction i will be doing stuff with if it gets off the ground and vampires as a subrace need a DMs okay to play as far as i know so if you want to play a vampire find a DM IG or PM one or if you have to track me down and i'll see what i can do)

Drow House: i havent had time to dig up the book of drow words i had saved on one of my PCs yet so if you have a idea for a name and or want to try your hand at making the first drow house and think you can do it taik to the DMs and btw as far as i know for most Llothite drow houses the matron is always a cleric of great power and also the same thing with drow you need a DMs okay for it for now so PM one or track one down IG (but not me unless you have no other options please i am not going to be building up the drow as a drow my self so its a little out of my area if you know what i mean)

The Brotherhood of Darkness: now this is just half a idea for the big bad evil full plate wearing mortal fiends i happen to know to have something to do gather up in to a faction give it a name and start seting the world afire sounds like a plan to me... well it sounds like -A- plan anyway....... *edit: if you don't want a brotherhood call it "the lords of Darkness: for example*

Dohral Traders Guild: this is an idea for the less hack and slash more for evil marketing types or the greedy people but swords for hire could find work also and it would put the crafting thing to use by making stuff for the more hack and slash type and selling it to them at just enough so thay don't have to loss any limbs to pay for it well still geting a nice little income rate....

now thats all i can think of right now for factions post a reply if you want to hear more ideas about these faction ideas listed or have any ideas of your own....
....i would post a idea for a Rogues Guildd but i think there already is one and i'm sure if not you sneaky rogues out there can handle it lol
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