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Post  Morrow Mon Dec 26, 2011 8:22 am

In life he was a simple priest of Deeproot. Unable to save his village from the onslaught of an undead hoard, his spirit refused to leave this world, vowing instead to be useful, saying to himself and his god "If evil can return from the dead to commit more evil, then I will return as well and stop them." Deeproot gave no answer, but did not stop him. The irony of his fate became apparent when he first fought an undead and discovered that he could not harm them with his ghostly powers. Undeterred, he carried on somberly. Now his goal is to become a spirit of nature and hopefully regain the favor of his god, who shuns him. He finds himself less and less worried with the death of the living, knowing that they will find existence in another world. His emotions are also waning, growing cold and distant, as are the memories of his old life. He reminds himself that he had failed in life, and that only now, in undeath, can he be useful, only now does he have the power to make a difference against the darkness of this and other worlds. Tending to animals and plants, his old life's passion, is now just a painful reminder, as his touch drains their spirit. And so he wanders the lands, changing with each passing day as his humanity fades, seemingly beyond his control. His wish to be a defender of nature the only remaining passion left in his being.

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