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The Tangled Web.

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The Tangled Web. Empty The Tangled Web.

Post  Shar Tue Jan 24, 2012 7:53 am

Despite the man's plain and at times almost unintelligible speech; by word of mouth it has spread among the townsfolk word of a tunnel leading deep into the earth at very close proximity to the city of Doral.

Wald Bennon the self styled trapper and mounter, speaks of near limitless hordes of spiders of gargantuan size. victims scattered the floor of the lowest level where the spiders were while the upper levels seemed to be home to "some sorta alf bug alf elf thins" though Wald is unable to speak of any definite leader he would say "em bugs gota queen down low! more crawlens en i ever seen! ifen we adnt run we'd ave never got out attol!"

when pushed for more information Wald's response becomes "Ow shou i know! em folks ey were taken all looked blank! Talk to at lotharis fellow, E's one of em finger wavers! eh.. i warn ye though, at tifers crazier en a bird oo swims..."

This post can be considered common knowledge to people who read it. waiting on other players responses.

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The Tangled Web. Empty Re: The Tangled Web.

Post  Surrealistik Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:11 am

Upon being reached for comment, Lotharos responded with a cryptic

"I like apples. Would you enjoy a nice cup of filth?"

before promptly crossing his eyes and wandering off in a random direction, occasionally stumbling over his own robes, which most noted as being at least two sizes too large.

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The Tangled Web. Empty Re: The Tangled Web.

Post  Valerion Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:56 am

*A smile would cross his very lips as he hears of the rumors of such a tunnel, though this smile does not bode well...*

"A tunnel...well then...let's see where"
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The Tangled Web. Empty Re: The Tangled Web.

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